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With a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps and cloud migration, we provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial markets systems for leading American economies.

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CPQi Helps You Stay Ahead in the Digital Era of Finance

As the global financial industry continues to move further into the technological era, CPQi has the expertise and technological capabilities to help you remain competitive.

Here at CPQi, we offer a full range of services to meet your every need.

Benefits of Choosing CPQi as FinTech Partner Include:

Here at CPQi, we offer a full range of services to meet your every need.

Regardless of how far along your institution is in its digital journey, our services are customizable and initiated with thorough consultations to assess your current technologies and infrastructure.

  • Split-Site Offices: With offices spread across the Americas, we provide our clients with high-level programming and implementations that are cost-effective and flexible. Plus, we offer timezone convenience to ensure you always have a CPQi team working at the same time as you.
  • Cross-Trained Teams: Each member of our team is trained in both finance and technology. As a result, every CPQi staff member you come into contact with will have the proper knowledge to understand the exact financial and regulatory complexities facing your institution.
  • Regulatory Compliance: At CPQi, we do more than just consult on compliance requirements – our teams help you establish and implement the necessary changes according to current regulations. With the help of our advanced technologies, we also assist you in automating many essential compliance activities, removing stress and simplifying the process for you and your team.



In over 11 countries across the Americas.



Trained in both banking and technology.

Our Experts Support Financial Institutions Across the Americas

CPQi builds, implements, and supports financial market platforms across the Americas. We operate across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, as well as offering nearshore capabilities in Halifax and Brazil.


Our Digital Development Services Prepare Your Institution for Success

Our custom and cloud-based software builds help boost your scalability and agility as an organization. With the help of our industry-specific developers, your platform utilization and optimization becomes top-tier in no time.

CPQi’s digital development capabilities include:

  • End-to-end programming
  • High-level literacy in programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, and C#
  • Java and .NET builds

Staff Augmentation

Individual People


Agile Squads

Transformational Services

PMO Oversight

Change Delivery

Open Banking Enabler

Managed Services

Platform Changes

Production Support

Software Development

Omnichannel Strategies for Insurance

Extended Teams

Our skilled professionals provide you with specialized talent and resources to help boost efficiency while reducing costs.

We provide highly skilled specialists in modern development and banking platforms on a timesheet approval basis.

CPQi’s extended teams include:

  • SME Professionals
  • Tech & Business Experts
  • Agile Squads

We provide capped T&M contracts and fixed-price deliverables to ensure our services always stay within your allocated budget.

Plus, our teams and squads are available long-term to ensure you receive ongoing support at an affordable price point.

Transformational Services

Digital transformation is at the forefront of the banking industry – but investing in costly transformations can quickly become overwhelming and send your institution far outside its financial plan.

At CPQi, our transformational services are designed according to your organizational objectives and budgetary resources.

These services include:

  • Open Banking: Open banking is the future of financial efficiency and success. By partnering with CPQi, our open banking solutions can provide your institution with the competitive edge needed to thrive while also ensuring top-notch security and compliance.
  • Digital Banking: An immediate goal for any transformative project is the digitization of your institution’s business and banking processes. Our Digital Banking services provide the proper online and virtual channels needed to give your customers secure, user-friendly technologies and applications.
  • Predictive Technology: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the heart of successful digital transformations. These technologies help to automate your systems front-to-back, as well as enabling powerful predictive models that keep your institution up to speed on ever-evolving financial markets.
  • Omnichannel Banking: A priority of CPQi’s transformational services is to eliminate barriers to communication both within your institution’s internal departments and externally for customers as well. With an Omnichannel approach, your services are accessible to both your staff and your clientele through their preferred channels.
  • DevOps: Software development is a critical enabler to digital banking. To maintain a high level of digital agility, we employ DevOps to unite development and operations teams under a customer-centric approach. Our DevOps teams focus on heightening productivity and customer satisfaction through continuous development and delivery.
  • Cloud Migrations and Services: The most effective way to get your financial institution’s business model digitized quickly is through the cloud. With CPQi, you can gain cloud computing capabilities that are efficient, scalable, and flexible.

PMO Oversight

When you work with CPQi, our teams are diligent about removing project management-related stressors from the backs of your staff.

This enables your team to spend more time focused on your customers and their needs.

For transformational programs, CPQi provides oversight on:

  • Project Management Office
  • Project Management and Change Functions
  • Change Delivery

Our change delivery capabilities and oversight assist your institution in managing IT resources to meet current demands.

We also execute projects for:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Development
  • Data Management
  • DevOps & Agile
  • Predictive Technologies
  • Channels Strategies.
Digital Banking Channels

Managed Services

At CPQi, we go beyond implementing transformational services.

As one of our core solutions, our managed services offerings are designed to provide your financial institution with ongoing support and innovation.

CPQi’s managed services include capabilities such as:

  • Configuration Management
  • Customizable Software and Application Builds
  • Production Services
  • Platform Management

Plus, partnering with CPQi and embracing our managed services means your institution benefits from the expertise of compliance teams who understand the complexities of regulatory change.

Salesforce for Financial institutions

Platform Changes

The key to a strong and sustainable digital transformation is a well-designed platform.

As part of our platform services, we offer long-term contracts for platform production management, change, and support.

Additionally, CPQi is partnered with many of the top financial platforms currently available, including:

  • Calypso
  • Salesforce
  • Murex
  • ServiceNow
  • Finastra
  • Temenos
  • Moody’s CreditLens
  • Azure
  • AWS

Our international team of experts consists of highly experienced business analysts and technical consultants to ensure your platform projects meet their full potential.

Paired with our managed services, our platform change solutions handle every aspect of the process – from implementation to integrations.

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With 15+ Years of Experience, Our Award-Winning Teams Deliver the Results You Need

Our leaders at CPQi are ex-industry CIOs, so they understand the complexities of your requirements. With over 250 team members and growing, we have the highly trained staff and specialized resources you need to stay ahead.

CPQi’s exceptional reputation and partnerships have been validated through many awards, including: