Agile consulting services provide financial businesses with the support, guidance, and expertise needed to achieve a successful Agile framework for software development. In turn, these businesses can complete development projects more quickly and with greater flexibility, all while focusing on business growth.

In this article, we will discuss what agile consulting services are and why they are beneficial. Keep reading to learn about CPQi’s top 5 agile consulting services.

What is Agile Consulting?

Agile consulting refers to a set of services that help businesses to achieve successful Agile frameworks within software development.

An agile framework is an approach and methodology for software development that focuses on meeting the needs of the customer and providing fast and continuous deliveries. There are many different types of Agile frameworks, such as Scrum – a framework that helps development teams collaborate and self-organize.

The benefits of Agile frameworks include:

  • Greater Speed: In an agile framework, the method for task prioritization makes it far easier to accomplish projects in small chunks, allowing software deliveries to occur at a much faster rate.
  • Increased Flexibility: A major ideology behind the Agile methodology is flexibility. Constant communication and feedback involved in Agile enables development teams to make real-time decisions and changes without disrupting the progression of the project itself.
  • Improved Visibility: Open and honest communication is a huge element of Agile, ensuring that each party involved has a thorough understanding of the scope and needs of a project. This enables greater visibility, ensuring both the team and the client have a clear idea of where a project is in its development lifecycle.
  • Team Empowerment: Agile is nothing without teamwork. By embracing the Agile methodology, businesses can break down departmental silos and work to create more unified teams.
Agile Consulting Services

3 Key Agile Consulting Services Offered by CPQi

At CPQi, we are leaders in the financial markets, striving to provide comprehensive Agile consulting services to businesses all around the globe.

Our agile consulting services include:

1. Staff Augmentation

Finding a team of talented software developers can be hard enough, making searching for developers with a background in Agile even more of a difficult task.

CPQi offers staff augmentation for Agile development projects to provide your business with experienced professionals on-demand.

With our staff augmentation, there’s no need for your business to place hefty investments into onboarding new staff or purchasing the necessary technology. Instead, you can use our team of experts and resources as needed.

Our teams are highly experienced in Agile development methods and can help you determine the exact scope and needs of your project.

2. Digital Development

Financial businesses need cloud-based software solutions that are as high-functioning as they are easy to use. At CPQi, we offer the digital development services you need to build a strong Agile digital ecosystem that boosts your business’s growth while lowering operational costs.

Our digital development services include end-to-end solutions, from programming back-end databases to designing intuitive user experiences and front-end interfaces.

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3. DevOps

A huge component of Agile is speedy deliveries – and what better way to improve your development cycles than with a talented team of DevOps professionals.

CPQi’s DevOps services help you unite your development and operations teams under shared goals, aiding you in decreasing your development lifecycles and producing more stable applications. Plus, our DevOps services help you to ensure top-notch security is always in place.

Final Thoughts: Get Started with CPQi’s Agile Consulting Services Today

Here at CPQi, we help financial businesses build better futures with our Agile consulting services.

Each of our team members is cross-trained in both finance and technology, ensuring they understand the most complex factors you face in your development projects. With offices all across the Americas, we have the teams you need in the time zones you prefer.

To get started with CPQi’s Agile consulting services, contact our team to learn more about how we can support your business.

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