From developments in trading platforms to chatbots, our industry is one that likes to be at the forefront of change. We adopt and encourage progress with fierce fervor, facilitating growth in any way possible. Recently, there has been great pressure on capital markets to manage growth sustainably.

In this new, highly controlled environment there is great space for software and technology that decreases risk and increases certainty in trading and banking processes. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has made incredible strides in capital markets and is now ready to take its position as a solution to creating measurable growth and secure environments.

We are, at this moment, on the precipice of a great revolutionary shift. Artificial intelligence will drive capital markets forward into a new realm of security and profitability. However, it’s important to approach AI with caution. Transparent returns and a strong business model must be the guiding part of any artificial intelligence proposal.

Generating Value

Current artificial intelligence technology has largely been used to lower costs. You no longer need to employee a human when a chatbot can do the job. At CPQi, while we can create more efficiency and lower costs, our goal isn’t to try to replace an employee, but to increase revenue and generate value by enhancing your current workflows.

Our AI evolves with your bank, taking the last fifty years of information to predict future trends that are specific to you. Our platform can:

o Enhance human judgement

o Predict volatility

o Predict trading fluctuations on a case by case basis

o Decrease risk

Our systems are, at their core, self-learning and evolving machines with great predictive powers.

Enhancing Human Judgement

Investment professionals are currently equipped with advanced financial platforms. However, much of the decision making involved in trading is based on the individual’s experience, intuition and perspective on market indicators. This makes current decision models vulnerable to human and anchor bias. Moreover, quantitative traders have historically used different mathematical models to drive their predictive analytics to forecast certain price movements in the market, which are often time-consuming routines requiring advanced computer power.

However, AI should not replace good employees. It should provide new insights, data and analytics that equip your team with the best tools possible to make impactful, valuable decisions. Our AI systems evaluate changing circumstances using research, data and modeling to predict future patterns and trends. These predictions are an invaluable tool in enhancing the judgement and decision making of current employees.

Predicting Volatility

We have created a predictive artificial intelligence tool that provides great value to front-office decision making. CPQi’s artificial intelligence engines have been built specifically for capital markets and make predictions using structured and unstructured data. Our volatility prediction models have achieved incredible accuracy and are climbing in certainty every day. Your trading desks will be able to identify opportunities that have not been available to them before, and with each experience and trade, the AI software will learn and develop.

Decreasing Risk

Banks are under a lot of pressure today to grow in a sustainable way, protect their clients’ data and secure their internal processes. We have developed an AI system that is designed to strengthen the security of capital markets. For example, our systems can mitigate the risk of fraud through anomaly detection.

A System That Evolves as You Do

Artificial intelligence software learns and evolves through experiences. If your capital market business goes through an experience, such as losing or gaining money based on a trade deal, our software will learn from that experience and become better at its job. The more your company experiences, the more our AI learns, and the more it learns the better it becomes at protecting your business and encouraging growth.

Artificial Intelligence Designed for You

Our AI models are trained using your data, so they understand your industry, business, and environment. Our data scientists work with your IT teams and End-Users to refine the AI model to meet your short and long term goals.

Next Steps

Be at the head of change. Don’t waste your money on AI that doesn’t deliver. Email to find out how CPQi provides provable results to your trading and risk management systems using artificial intelligence designed for capital markets.

About CPQi

CPQi has played a key role in the application of capital markets technology across the Americas for over a decade. We are an international reference point for building, implementing and supporting financial market systems. Our services help global and local banks, exchanges, hedge funds and asset managers drive global revenue, manage risk and ensure client loyalty. We work across a broad spectrum from front office investment banking to trade capture, risk management, P&L, compensation, liquidity, deposits, accounting, reconciliation, insurance and other areas.

Operating throughout the continent with clients and offices in Brazil, USD, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Argentina and Peru, we understand the global financial marketplace. Six out of 12 of the world’s top banks trust us to deliver their capital market technologies and drive the sector forward. With headquarters in Canada, the birthplace of AI, we are on the frontlines of artificial intelligence innovation.