Brenda Bispo has been working on our recruitment team for a year and a half, finding the best people to join our business. We asked her about life at CPQi, here’s what she had to say.

Thank you for joining us Brenda. What brought you to CPQi?

The prospect of growing professionally and contributing to the company.

How have CPQi supported you through your professional journey?

CPQi has given me the chance to grow professionally, has given me the opportunity to implement processes (processes covered in my post-graduation) and has accompanied this growth.

What project are you particularly proud of working on during your time with CPQi?</h3)
I’m proud of working with our Human Resources team to foster stronger bonds across our company.

Could you tell us about a time someone made you feel special at CPQi

It’s hard to chose an exact occasion, CPQi managers always appreciate the work done and emphasize its importance.

Have you made friends who will last forever at CPQi?


Why did you choose to work at CPQi?

CPQi is a disruptive company with exciting clients in the financial markets, in addition to having a human eye with professionals, there is a genuine compassion across the company culture.

What ambitions do you have for your future at CPQi?

To be able to continue contributing to the organization, goals, delivering processes and growing professionally with the company.