Over lockdown, we caught up with Fabio Brunetti, a Senior IT Consultant and Openlink Findur expert, about why he likes working at CPQi. Fabio moved from Sao Paulo to Toronto and has over 15 years of experience working in our field. Hear his thoughts as a team member at CPQi here.

Hi Fabio, before working at CPQi, you worked for some of the largest consultant and systems companies in banking, what brought you to CPQi?

CPQi are a global partner on treasury systems implementations. Having worked in professional services on the vendor side, I found a warm and welcoming place where I could expand my skills and grow professionally as a part of consulting team at CPQi.

How have CPQi supported you through your professional journey?

CPQi is made up of great multicultural teams across the Americas. Since working at CPQi, I’ve had the experience of getting to live abroad and learn from such culturally mixed teams working in a wide range of different technologies.

Could you tell us about a time someone made you feel special at CPQi

The first time I travelled to another country for work was to give a potential client a great impression about our technology knowledge and show that we’re the right people for the job, and we did it! It felt really special and like I was really carrying the company name with me.

Have you made friends who will last forever at CPQi?

Yes, many! As part of the first consulting team who made the move over to Canada from Brazil, we bonded over our shared experience and new territories. It made us feel a little like the co-founders of our current headquarters. CPQi really fosters strong and natural bonds with your co-workers.

Why did you choose to work at CPQi?

I decided to work at CPQi because of the opportunities to learn from people working with different clients, groups, countries, and platforms. I haven’t regretted it at all and feel I have grown professionally both from my own experiences and from learning from others within the company.

Why do you like working at CPQi?

The people! Simple as is. Best co-workers ever.

What ambitions do you have for your future at CPQi?

I’d love to build a technical/development team that works on researching innovative solutions to support our consultants and guide our clients to further success, giving them the best and latest technology knowledge and tools.