Have you ever had to deal with a co-worker who never learns from their mistakes? Every time they do something wrong you have to sit down with them and explain in very clear, slow terms exactly what went wrong and how they can improve. In many ways, technology is the slowest of all co-workers. Yes, we now have huge swathes of data and can manage operations at lightning speeds. But machine learning powered software, despite its name, doesn’t learn on its own. You have to sit it down, tell it where it went wrong, hope it will do better next time and above all, keep a very stern eye on it.

This lack of self-evolution is particularly unhelpful in capital markets risk management. The credit crisis, along with its subsequent arrests and immediate need for FRTB has highlighted the serious deficiencies in current risk models. Something needs to change. And it has.

CPQi now creates highly accurate risk management prediction models for capital markets powered by artificial intelligence. We give banks personalized models that use industry and business specific data to support the measurement and prediction of risk.

Unlike risk management systems of the past, our artificial intelligence technology learns over time. More importantly, it learns lessons from others too. It analyses and dissects the data we feed it to see a pattern in the activities that lead to volatile environments. The data an AI system is fed can be chosen to fit a specific client’s needs, so each bank gets to choose what their AI technology learns.

This isn’t the same world it was in 2007. Our industry has changed, and we at CPQi, have changed with it. Our company was founded during the recession and has experienced exponential growth ever since. We are chosen by so many well-known banks because we know how to help clients balance incredible levels of profitability with insightful risk management. We have created an AI engine that can find, and target known and unknown risk indicators. We will help you anticipate and proactively manage risk in a measurable way. Our software will learn from the past, analyse and measure data given to it and create an unprecedented level of accuracy in risk prediction.

Don’t get caught up in the arms race towards AI. Don’t waste your money on systems that need a complete business rewrite and don’t create economic value. Contact us to hear more about CPQi’s artificial intelligence technology and the effect it is currently having on capital markets risk management.