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As the financial industry faces broad changes to digital customer expectations, the asset management industry is likewise shifting due to technological innovations. With CPQi’s top-quality asset management technology and consultation services, your firm can make well-informed business decisions to strengthen relationships with clients and transform your operational efficiency.

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What is Asset Management Consulting and Technology?

The financial industry is constantly changing as new innovations and technologies arise every day. Asset management consulting and technology refer to the services and platforms used to optimize asset management institutions for success in the digital age.

While some institutions may have a robust IT department to handle such services on their own, many turn to third-party FinTech providers.

A strong FinTech team can provide your asset management firm with:

  • Better Data and Analytics: Asset management technology not only helps institutions gather a larger quantity of data, but also ensures that data is highly accurate and valuable. With this data, asset managers can gain a better understanding of their clients while also improving prediction models.
  • Strengthened Customer Relations: As younger generations become the dominant consumers within the financial space, customer expectations are shifting towards digital preference. Asset management technology helps firms to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, communication, and retention.
  • Thorough Risk Mitigation: Digital finance and asset management inherently involves extra risk. Luckily, understanding how to manage and mitigate this risk is a foundational component of any good FinTech consulting team’s strategy.

Challenges of Asset Management Technology for Financial Institutions

Advancements in technology are restructuring the ways financial institutions carry out asset management. Here are some of the challenges asset managers are currently facing:

  • Shifting Expectations: Asset management clients are changing daily. While financial institutions may have understood past expectations, some asset management businesses are failing to analyze the new digital needs of their clients. The providers who recognize their clients’ desire for digital services will be the ones to rise to the top of the asset management industry in the coming years.
  • Rising Asset Volume: More customers are entering into asset management than ever before. As such, providers are dealing with much larger volumes of client and business assets. Without the proper systems and digital support, scaling an institution’s operations up properly is difficult.
  • Fully Transparent Compliance: It is harder than ever for financial institutions to keep up with the looming requirements of changing regulations. With transparency becoming a natural couple with compliance, asset managers need to secure advanced and automated regulatory models as soon as possible.
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How CPQi’s Asset Management Technology Can Help

At CPQi, our teams are experts in both technology and finance. We offer comprehensive services to thoroughly transform your front, middle, and back-office.

Our capabilities include development, testing, consulting, implementations, and everything in between!

Benefits of CPQi’s asset management technology services include:

  • Boosted Profitability: With our managed services, we help you automate processes to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. In turn, your profitability is boosted through our solutions.
  • Enhanced Engagement: We know how important engagement with clients and investors is for asset management businesses. Through optimization of front-end interfaces and speedy deliveries of software, CPQi helps institutions greatly enhance their relationships and engagement with customers.
  • Increased Efficiency: Consumers these days expect their asset management providers to offer highly efficient services.

We leverage the most innovative technologies currently available to guarantee your business is operating at its fullest potential.


Cover All Your Bases with CPQi’s Asset Management Technology Services

CPQi is proud to offer a full range of digital solutions and managed services to our clients and partners. From back-end development to front-end optimization, we have your business needs covered.

Our services include:

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Findur Implementation

Digital Transformation

Staying competitive in today’s financial markets requires asset managers to embrace technology. However, digital innovation can come at a price in terms of both budget and time.

CPQi offers well-rounded digital transformation services that assess the specific needs of each business. From consultation to implementation, we work with your team to determine a personalized solution that best fits your goals and budget.

Whether you have started introducing digital systems or are still working with more traditional technologies, CPQi can help you through all steps of your digital journey.

Fully Managed Services

At CPQi, we know that follow-up support matters just as much as implementations and digital transformation. That’s why we offer fully managed services to ensure your team has the assistance they need throughout the entire process.

Managing a platform and maintaining strong security on the cloud can be a hassle. This is especially true for institutions that lack a strong IT department. Our managed services help your team keep your systems operating smoothly and efficiently.

By utilizing CPQi’s managed services, more of your team’s time is spent focused on your customers and their needs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

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Asset Management Consulting Services

Thorough consultations are a cornerstone of the entire financial industry. For asset management providers, your teams must be highly conscientious of the sensitive nature of client data and information.

Our teams at CPQi understand the critical importance of keeping your data secure.

Through our consultation services, we can determine where your business is at in terms of digital adoption. From there, we can craft a custom strategy that meets your exact needs.

Plus, we don’t stop at the initial consultation – our team is available to you throughout every stage to address concerns and provide valuable insights and advice.

Platform Implementations and Cloud Migrations

The platform you choose matters – as do the systems and databases you utilize.

Our team at CPQi is highly experienced in providing financial institutions with reliable platform implementations. We work with many of the top platforms within the industry including:

  • Calypso
  • Salesforce
  • Murex
  • Findur
  • ServiceNow
  • Finastra
  • Temenos
  • Moody’s CreditLens
  • Azure
  • AWS

Plus, we help you migrate your entire system to the cloud. Cloud computing offers asset management providers many key benefits, including the ability to store information in one secure and central location.

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Regulatory Compliance

As with any financial service, asset management presents institutions with the need to meet ever-evolving regulatory changes. Keeping your compliance up to date is crucial for both prosperity and staying in good legal standing.

At CPQi, our teams are experts in finance and compliance. We help you by building systems that automate necessary compliance activities and enable automatic updating. By doing so, your team is freed from the stress and time constraints of ensuring proper compliance.

We offer full regulatory compliance consultations and delivery services. Plus, we help you develop the ideal compliance strategy to keep your business ahead of the regulatory curve.

Corporate treasury Technology

DevOps and Omnichannel

In order for an asset management firm to succeed in the digital age, departmental siloes must be broken down and eliminated. To address this, CPQi utilizes both DevOps and Omnichannel strategies.

DevOps is a union of development and operations departments to provide clients with faster delivery of software and applications. DevOps embraces a customer-centric approach, placing the needs of your clients at the forefront of the business.

We pair this with Omnichannel, a communication strategy that allows all services to be accessed through all channels. Together, these two strategies enable much clearer and more effective communication both amongst your team and with clients.

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Asset Management Technology

To stay competitive in the coming years, financial institutions must embrace the new wave of asset management technology.

Don’t let your competitors race ahead – contact CPQi to learn more about our customized solutions.

We work with you and your team to determine your exact needs and business goals, helping you achieve the best digital strategy possible.

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