Azure for Banking

At CPQi, our experts have in-depth training and experience with Microsoft’s Azure platform in order to guarantee that our clients receive the most reliable and thorough platform implementations and managed services possible. We work diligently to not only set your business up for success on Azure, but also to provide round-the-clock support and expert advice.

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How Can Azure Managed Services Benefit Your Business?

As your business grows, it is crucial to choose a platform that is capable of growing with you. This is especially true for professionals within the financial industry, as platform migrations and implementations must be designed and carried out so that they meet all regulatory requirements.

CPQi’s managed services for Azure leave no stone unturned, ensuring both your platform and compliance needs are met. By utilizing our managed services, you will also gain an abundance of additional benefits that enable your business to operate efficiently while also increasing your overall profitability.

Greater Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Working from the digital space – specifically when working with cloud-based platforms such as Azure – allows you to overhaul many of the overhead costs associated with IT infrastructures and technology. Azure is designed for efficient communication between its front-end and back-end services, allowing both your clients and team to work at a much faster pace on the platform.

Moreover, working with Azure allows you to eliminate the need for costly on-site resources that can drive up your operational costs. Instead, Azure allows for automation of essential tasks and a centralization of data all within the same platform.

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Enhanced Scalability

One of the greatest advantages that comes from working with cloud-based technology is that your business automatically becomes much more capable of scaling its operations according to current market and consumer demands.

In this age of digitization, having a platform that provides enhanced scalability is an absolute must. Not only does this improve your business’ overall flexibility and agility, but it also ensures that your team and platform can handle high volumes of client request and tasks when needed.

Azure for Banking

Improved Client Relationships with Azure for Capital Markets

The reality of working with these kinds of advanced technologies without the help of the cloud or managed services is that it can be extremely time consuming, taking away crucial periods of time that should be spent working with your clients.

Through the automation of tasks and centralization of data that come with migrating to Azure’s platform, you and your team can refocus your energy on your clients. Consumers nowadays are eager to work with organizations and companies that focus on customer-centric service, and embracing Azure managed services allows you to do just that.

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Azure Managed Services

Strong Regulatory Compliance

When working in the financial space, regulatory compliance is just as important as improved efficiency and scalability. In fact, your entire business is dependent on the ability to stay up to date on all the newest regulations and compliance requirements.

By using Azure’s platform, you can eliminate much of the stress involved with following regulation by streamlining and automating many of the necessary tasks associated with compliance.

Azure for Banking DevOps Services

DevOps and continuous development services are becoming more and more necessary as the financial industry shifts towards total digitization and virtualization. Not only can a strong DevOps strategy improve your in-house communication, it can also greatly impact the speed of delivery of software and resources to your clients.

Azure offers an array of DevOps services that can help you to improve your channels of communication and collaboration within your workplace and platform. At CPQi, we have our own DevOps team that understand the intricacies involved and can help you to properly employ Azure’s DevOps services.

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Azure for Capital Markets

Azure Boards and SAFe Implementation

Azure Boards is one of Azure’s major DevOps services. Azure Boards provide the necessary digital resources for creating team dashboards, backlogs, and custom reporting. They allow you to precisely track each idea or project from initial and early development stages all the way to completion.

Additionally, Azure Boards is designed to support SAFe programs and portfolios via specialized core configurations. At CPQi, our DevOps and Digital Development teams are highly familiar and experienced with configuring Azure’s platform to support SAFe.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines allow for the building and development of web, desktop, and mobile applications that can be built with any language. This DevOps service also allows for the creation and use of advanced workflows and can implement continuous delivery of software to your cloud-based platform.

CPQi’s DevOps team works closely with Azure’s DevOps services in order to provide our clients with agile and automated pipelines.

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Additional Azure DevOps Services

Aside from Azure Boards and Pipelines, Azure offers a number of additional DevOps services that provide added value for professionals looking to migrate to the platform. These include:

  • Azure Repos: Unlimited, free, and private repositories for all your ideas
  • Azure Test Plans: Manual and exploratory testing for your application builds
  • Azure Artifacts: Integration of package sharing in your pipelines
  • Extensions Marketplace: Access to over 1,000 extensions and the ability to create your own
Azure Online Banking

How Our Azure Managed Cloud Services Work

Working with the Azure platform comes with many benefits and useful resources. However, working with the complex technologies that allow for customizations, builds, and more require a high level of both technological and financial expertise.

At CPQi, our team possesses both detailed financial expertise and technological know-how. We are highly experienced in platform implementations and cloud migrations, and we have the resources and tools to work with essential technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning – that are needed for increased automation and agility.

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Azure Managed Cloud Services

CPQi Offers Cloud Migration Experts for Azure Online Banking

Reliable platform and cloud migrations are crucially important when moving into a digitally-based space such as Azure. Our team at CPQi is well-versed in the intricacies of working with the cloud and cloud computing.

With the help of our cloud migrations, your critical data and information can be easily and safely transferred and stored within one centralized cloud location.

Optimize Financial Crime Prevention

As all financial professionals know, protecting your business against financial crime and managing risk rapidly is important. The Azure platform provides its users with a broad compliance coverage that is designed to simplify your regulatory needs and actions.

With the help of CPQi’s managed services, you can rest easy knowing you and your clientele’s private information is secure and protected. We can help you to get the most out of Azure’s compliance coverage through transparent operations and automated auditing. Plus, we can aide you in optimizing your security and risk management for unification across all your platforms.

Our team has the necessary experience working with the cloud to ensure your information is stored securely. The cloud can be somewhat complex, but CPQi can simplify the processes needed to keep critical information safe and protected from within the cloud.

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Azure in Banking

Specialized Customizations and Digital Development

At CPQi, we understand the importance of providing our clients with specialized services that are designed and structured to fit their exact and individual needs. Azure offers many opportunities for development and configurations, and the CPQi team has the necessary expertise to build exactly what you need for your platforms.

Among the many digital development services offered here at CPQi, some of the things our team can help with include:

  • Programming your back-end database
  • Optimizing user interfaces to be easy to understand and interact with
  • Creating responsive and organized code

The software and applications you provide for your customers can have a tremendous impact on their overall experience and impression of your business. CPQi is committed to bringing you innovative and effective solutions for all of your digital development and customization needs.

Expert Consultation and Support

When working with digital products, services, and solutions, it is likely you will need support from technology experts. CPQi takes this to the next level, offering you a team of experts trained not only in the use and application of advanced technology, but also trained and certified in the intricacies of finance.

Our developers and consultants at CPQi can take an in-depth look at your current platform and IT infrastructures in order to identify your exact and individual needs as a business.

At CPQi, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all methodology. Instead, we are committed to providing our clients with customized solutions and services that are designed specifically for them. This ensures your platform implementation runs smoothly and includes all of you desired customizations and integrations.

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Azure Managed Services in Banking

Azure Solutions for Banks

The Azure platform offers a variety of solutions designed to fit the needs of finance professionals at all levels. Utilizing Azure’s solutions is the key to getting the most out of platform related solutions including:

  • High-Performance Computing: Azure offers fully managed supercomputers that provide high-performance storage and no data movement.
  • Backup and Archive: Azure’s platform allows for users to easily backup their data and applications in order to avoid costly losses of information and digital disruptions.
  • Cloud-Scale Analytics: Azure provides analytical tools to keep up with your insights on a cloud-scale, benefiting your overall scalability as well.

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Our team is ready to work and get your business properly set up on Azure. To learn more about our flexible consultations or to set up your first, free consultation, contact us today!