A digital bank in Brazil decided to implement Findur for Fixed Income deals. Front to back implementation of Findur at Banco Original required proper online transactional support, had to have the flexibility and scalability necessary to support the large number of clients using their digital systems and had to meet Brazilian regulatory requirements. There was also STP work to be done, and a variety of digital channel integrations.

The New Digital Fixed Income Project – Front to Back, for which Banco Original won the e-finance Award in the Digital Banking category, emerged to provide account holders with a completely digital experience. Every business segment was included in the implementation, with each channel linked to the back office.


A CPQi Squad was put together to implement an effective solution at Banco Original. The Squad included a range of experts, such as Findur analysts, digital analysts, architects, developers and QA’s, all chosen for their unique skills and abilities.

Beyond providing expert integrations, the Squad also provided a comprehensive view of business processes and improved user experience. Clients were given better access to their investments through digital channels, and an improved ability to manage and view their portfolios.

CPQi’s developers created engines that comprehensively manage all registration, processing, and settlement processes. The process rules were created via BPM and included appropriate approval flows.


This approach resulted in a robust and fast product delivery implementation with an exceptionally high-quality outcome. Releases were deployed on a regular basis and the previous architecture was substantially enhanced.

In addition, the bank’s trading channels were all fully integrated, including internet banking, mobile banking, commercial service platforms, wholesale trading desk and client trading desk.


This initiative ensured Banco Original are able to benefit from a high level of automation throughout their product processing pipeline. The integrated investment platform enables the issuance of Banco Original’s funding products to its entire customer base, both consumers and businesses.

Banco Original’s digital resources now include the management of letters of credit, integration in the issuance of trading notes, automatic securities pricing, portfolio processing, client campaign management, judicial integration, automated registration at clearing and integration with tax systems.