The Truth of the World in 90 Minutes: A Global Conference

Join CPQi on September 23rd for a 90-minute global conference! We will examine the financial industry’s evolution over the past decade. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity!

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Everything You Need to Know in 90 Minutes

Are you sick of being invited to poorly attended, multi-day online global conferences?

So are we.

That’s why our team at CPQi has partnered with several major banking providers and industry leaders to offer you a global conference that lasts less than two hours! We have condensed the most important and pertinent information about today’s financial markets to share with you.

We know how valuable your time is – that’s why we built this bite-size conference to be packed full of useful and actionable information.

Attendees of the conference will receive:

  • Actionable Advice: A primary objective of this conference is to provide actionable tips. This advice can then be brought back and implemented at your own institution.
  • Valuable Insights: This conference features leaders of the financial industry. The insights given will be highly valuable and important to take note of for creating an effective plan for the future.
  • Industry Networking: Just because it’s short doesn’t mean this conference will forego networking. This conference will provide many opportunities for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.

What You Will Learn

CPQi has curated top financial markets leaders and innovators for this conference. They will be presenting on several topics related to industry changes and innovations.

During the conference, we will take you through the most dramatic changes in financial markets for a generation. With these insights, you can return to your own financial institution with greater knowledge of how to find success in the coming years.

The conference will provide insights into:

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Emerging Trends

The financial industry is ever-evolving as both market and consumer demands shift.

As a result, there are tons of new trends emerging every day for financial professionals to keep up with. Today’s emerging trends span broadly across all parts of the industry. We cover everything from artificial intelligence to adopting a more customer-centric approach.

Understanding these trends and looking forward to future trends is crucial. This event will help your financial institution to properly prepare and prosper. Plus, it will help you to anticipate new customer expectations!

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Industry Changes

It’s essential you’re kept up to date with financial markets changes and regulatory requirements.

These changes can range depending on an institution’s operational and digital needs. As digital transformation becomes more prominent, learning about potential changes is essential.

The industry will only continue to embrace innovation and new technologies. As it does, there will be sweeping changes to how financial institutions do business. This conference will cover many of the major shifts occurring within the industry.

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New Innovations

Technological advancements have shaken the financial industry to its core. As new technologies and trends continue to emerge, so do the innovative ideas of financial professionals.

In the coming years, we are likely to see all sorts of innovations.

For example, cryptocurrency is quickly transforming into a mainstream point of interest. This will result in the creation of many new crypto and blockchain-oriented services.

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Paths to Success

The landscape of the financial industry is re-shaping daily.

Collaboration between finance and technology teams will be crucial moving forward. Financial institutions must embrace teamwork and strive to remove departmental barriers.

Understanding how the industry is changing is important, but finding the path to prosperity is another task entirely. This conference will provide actionable advice on thriving in this increasingly digital age.

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The 90-Minute Schedule

The Truth of the World in 90 Minutes global conference will take place on September 23rd. The event will begin at 9:30 a.m. EST.

Five key speakers will present during the conference. Their presentations will cover pertinent topics currently affecting financial markets.

The topics are broken down as follows:

  1. The Seismic Shift in Financial Markets: 15 minutes
  2. Neo-Banking: The Hungry Crocodile: 20 minutes
  3. Token Everything – Beyond Crypto: 20 minutes
  4. Open Banking is Open Anarchy: 20 minutes
  5. Survive and Thrive – Getting it Done: 20 minutes

CPQi and other industry leaders will help you understand these topics at a much deeper level. Plus,  we will discuss how this affects the financial industry moving forward.

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