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Are you a Business Analyst seeking employment in the FinTech industry? At CPQi, we are searching for creative and driven Business Analysts to add to our growing team. We offer all the support and resources you need to succeed!

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Business Analysts and FinTech

Business Analysts have come to hold a highly important role. Companies around the world continue to move into more digitally-based spaces. Business Analysts work to bridge the gap between traditional and digital business strategies. This is a crucial role to fill within FinTech. The FinTech industry introduces advanced and innovative technologies to the world of finance. This requires a strong Business Analyst to help assess the needs of each individual financial institution.

Responsibilities of Business Analysts can include:

  • Analyzing current business processes and how to improve them
  • Data analysis
  • Leading team members during projects
  • Designing and implementing new features
  • Carrying out impact analyses

For FinTech to succeed, there must be a marriage between IT departments and the rest of a business. Business Analysts do exactly this. Here at CPQi, we are looking for skilled Business Analysts who want to be an essential part of a fast-growing industry!

Business Analyst Jobs in Halifax

If you are looking for Business Analyst looking for opportunities in Halifax, look no further!

CPQi is expanding our Nova Scotia presence. As our business continues to grow, we require more and more motivated professionals. We are working to add passionate Business Analysts to our team in Halifax.

At CPQi, our Business Analysts are self-starters and independent. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

No matter what your level of experience, CPQi wants to talk. We are searching for professionals at all levels, so don’t be shy to reach out. Plus, we provide financial training as well!

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Business Analyst Jobs in Toronto

Toronto is the place to be!

If you are a Business Analyst seeking employment in Toronto, CPQi has the opportunities for you.

By becoming a part of our Toronto team, you will experience all the benefits of CPQi plus the added advantage of being in the city.

As one of Canada’s major technological hubs, Toronto has many opportunities for professional growth. This combined with working in an ever-evolving industry will give you all the chances you need to further your career!

If joining our team in Toronto interests you, send us an email today.

Business Analyst Jobs in Halifax

Remote Business Analyst Jobs in Canada

Remote work environments have become all the rage!

At CPQi, we recognize the growing popularity of working remotely. With our dedicated managers and support, remote work is more possible than ever.

There are many advantages to working as a Business Analyst remotely. Our team at CPQi works diligently to ensure our remote team members have access to all the resources and support they need.

If joining our remote team sounds ideal to you, get in touch with us today!

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Grow Your Career with CPQi

CPQi is a FinTech company. By working for us, you will become a part of the expanding FinTech industry. This will allow you to grow with us!

One of our core beliefs at CPQi is the importance of creating an advantageous work environment. We strive to ensure the satisfaction and support of all of our team members at all times.

Here are 5 main advantages of working for CPQi:

Remote Business Analyst Jobs in Canada

Further Your Education

CPQi’s commitment to our team’s success is strong. We provide our employees with supplemental training and education.

That’s why we offer CPQi University – an internal training program. Through this program, you can earn specialized FinTech certifications.

This helps not only to help you feel more prepared to work in the industry, but also makes you a more well-rounded professional!

At CPQi, we recognize that not every Business Analyst will have financial training as well. That’s why we offer these sorts of opportunities to make sure our team has the skills they need!

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Business Analyst Jobs in Toronto

Find Your Ideal Mentor

Our higher-level and senior team members are purposefully accessible.

At CPQi, we believe in the power of professional relationships. As a result, it is very likely for you to fall under the care of one of our many mentors.

Professional mentorships are crucial in a work environment. This is especially true in the realm of FinTech, a highly collaborative and teamwork-centric industry.

With CPQi, you can trust our business leaders and team members to show you the ropes!

Build Professional Friendships

Our team members are more than just coworkers – they’re friends and they’re family!

Collaboration and communication are key skills to have here at CPQi.

Developing professional friendships is essential. These friendships will likely follow you through your entire career. Plus, they will help you to build up the teamwork skills you need to succeed.

This will also help you to grow your professional network. Having strong connections in the FinTech space will help you to further your career in the long run!

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Business Analyst Jobs in FinTech

Enhance Your Technical Skills

At CPQi, you will be working with constantly evolving technologies!

Additionally, the world of finance can change just as rapidly as the technological field.

This means there are always new opportunities for learning and growth. Along with teaching you to be quick on your feet, this will help you to enhance your technical skills.

CPQi follows an all-hands-on-deck ideology. As a Business Analyst, you will have many chances to hone your existing skills and develop new ones!

Business Analysts need to be flexible and adaptable in many different situations. Keeping your technical skills sharp is key.

Support Every Step of the Way

Our managers here at CPQi understand the importance of compassion. That’s why they work hard to create work environments that are caring and supportive!

CPQi believes that strong support for our staff can go a long way.

Some businesses choose to create highly competitive environments. At CPQi, we ensure our teams feel confident collaborating and working together.

We provide constant and ongoing support for all team members.

If business analyst jobs don’t sound right for you, why don’t you take a look at our software developer jobs, technical analyst jobs or quality assurance jobs!

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