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We provide leading technology services to buy side firms, giving you the best tools available to make profit-boosting decisions.

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Regulatory Compliance

Buy-side firms, as well as the financial industry as a whole, have to constantly dance around regulatory compliance. Whether your firm deals in pension funds, money management, or virtually anything else, you’re at risk if you lack a solid compliance strategy. Scandals can ruin good businesses. It’s vital that firms have the best possible risk management and compliance solutions available. We’re proud to offer such solutions so that your firm can be safe from lawsuits and substantial penalties.

We understand buy side regulations and are ready to make the changes for you. Changes are happening at a startling rate and some buy side businesses are struggling to keep up. Rather than providing superficial consultation, we are ready to do the required regulatory changes for you to help bring you up to date, today!

Using our split-site, nearshore model, we are able to free up some of your necessary regulatory change budget for more exciting projects, like cloud migration and DevOps implementation, without sacrificing delivery.

Our Regulatory Compliance services:

  • Full regulatory compliance consultation
  • Regulatory strategies and change implementation
  • Ongoing FRTB implementation and categorization
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Managed Services

With managed services, your firm can benefit from digital transformation, better banking processes, and efficient technologies. It’s vital for firms to focus on creating better products and keeping clientele happy. With management distractions, focusing on these things can go from difficult to impossible. Managed services take that weight away from your professionals. With the use of powerful technologies, we can improve your firm’s accuracy, processing time, reliability, and customer experience.

Create innovative strategies, streamline your systems and improve your bottom line with our transformational managed services. Meet the growing demands of the market with a flexible work-force and clear, reliable cost-model. Using transformational managed services, we’re able to provide digital transformation, regulatory change management and support for current platforms under one cost, giving you the power to grow without stress.

Our Managed Services:

  • Full managed services consultation
  • Streamlined system implementation
  • Management services with personalized strategies
Salesforce for Financial institutions

Digital Transformation

Buy-side firms are feeling the pressure that everyone in the financial industry is feeling. Consumers want digital services and top-tier customer service, and they are willing to pay for it. Buy-side firms can benefit substantially from digital transformation services that can deliver incredible value. Whether your firm specializes in investment banking, real estate, or portfolio management, digital transformation can radically improve your operations and customer experience. It’s time to get ahead of the competition and give your clients what they really want.

There is increasing pressure on buy side firms to increase performance and improve efficiency, making digital transformation a vital part of the future of any successful buy side business. With our transparent cost breakdown we can bring digital transformation including cloud, DevOps, AI and channel strategies to your business without going over your current budget.

Our Digital Transformation services:

  • Full digital transformation consultation
  • Assessment of current devices, apps, and systems
  • Full digital transformation services with a personalized approach
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Findur Implementation

Platform Implementation

We’ve delivered over 25 platform implementations in the last 5 years. Whether you need support, consultation or someone to manage your entire platform implementation project, we’ve proven we’re the best team for the job by implementing platforms at 6 of the world’s top 12 banks.

Our Platform Implementation Services:

  • Calypso, Murex and Findur Managed Services
  • Finastra, Temenos and Moody’s Analytics Managed Services
  • Salesforce and ServiceNow Managed Services

Cloud Migration

Brokerage firms and buy-side firms handle a substantial amount of private financial information for their clients. When critical data is at risk, it’s very important to ensure that the right tools, systems, and strategies are being used to ensure the best possible security. Cloud computing is one way to achieve this by combining all of your firm’s platforms, formats, and locations into a single and highly secure access point.

Cloud migration can be a hefty task to take on. A lot of things can go wrong during the migration stage. We’re proud to offer top-tier cloud migration services that are as thorough as they are effective. Our team will analyze your devices, launch a mock migration to identify any pain points or errors, and have your firm migrated to the cloud with minimal interruption. With a custom cloud strategy, you can effectively consolidate your resources and modernize your data. Data migration has never been this easy.

Our Cloud Migration services:

  • Full cloud migration consultation
  • Research and testing of current systems
  • Full upgrade or migration of critical systems and data
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DevOps for Banking

DevOps Implementation

Buy-side firms can benefit from third-party DevOps implementation.

When your customers simply can’t wait for new features, utilizing professional DevOps implementation can improve your development lifecycles, stabilize your production processes, and reduce downtime.

Whether you’re just starting your journey in cloud migration or you are in need of improved automation technologies, our team’s experts can offer the right advice, tools, and tech that your firm needs.

You’ll be able to scale to a fast, efficient, secure, and very flexible enterprise in no time with reduced complexity.

Our DevOps Implementation services:

  • Full DevOps implementation consultation
  • Creation of secure workflows and sustainable growth strategies
  • Implementation of DevOps tools and systems

Omnichannel Development and Strategy

When it comes to buying and selling and standing out in buy side, firms need the best possible omnichannel strategy in place. Consumers want clear and accessible channels for completing transactions remotely and easily. With omnichannel development, this can be a reality.

Our team of experts will help your firm develop the right banking services and strategies for use with all devices. Building cohesive strategies and multiple cohesive channels for your clients doesn’t have to be a lofty goal. We’ll look at all of your customer touchpoints and how they interact with your current channels to develop an omnichannel strategy and implement it quickly.

Our Omnichannel Development and Strategy services:

  • Full omnichannel development and strategy consultation
  • Creation of firm-specific omnichannel strategies
  • Implementation of new channels and the development of new sales approaches
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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

While the financial industry has been slow to adopt AI and automation technologies that have emerged in the last few years, buy-side firms are starting to implement these technologies to gain valuable insight into current and future trends. Our team’s experts can help your firm and your workforce adopt predictive artificial intelligence quickly and efficiently.

Through the use of your firm’s own legacy data, we’ll look at different activity patterns that may have been overlooked in the past. From there, we’ll implement predictive technology to ensure that your firm’s engagement with its customers can help you create substantial predictions about risk and revenue.

Our Predictive Artificial Intelligence services:

  • Full predictive artificial intelligence consultation
  • Analyzation of your firm’s existing data, early engagements with customers, and market-specific trends
  • Delivery of business-specific insights and implementation of trending patterns

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We provide leading technology services to buy side firms, giving you the best tools available to make profit-boosting decisions.