The flexibility offered by cloud technology trumps all in house-installations, making it a powerhouse for critical software. Cloud architecture offers improved security, greater reliability, more possibility for growth and the ability to cut hardware costs. Various industries have adopted cloud computing at an incredible pace, and it’s impossible not to see why when the benefits are considered.

As a leading provider of cloud services, CPQi provide cloud migration services to businesses who depend on the Calypso platform and we have helped a range of businesses migrate over to great success. Using cloud computing in conjunction with Calypso makes businesses more resilient, competitive, and adaptable.

How We Do It

CPQi have being providing Calypso Managed Services to a range of clients for over a decade. Our managed services offering includes RTB and BAU services, such as project implementations. Traditionally, we have been using the Agile approach with Squads and Kanbans for support.

We started with traditional on-premise implementations where we were able to implement new asset classes, interfaces, custom code and local regulatory support. As a business that always aims to get our clients ahead of the curve, we’ve been helping clients like BTG, BCI and Galicia implement DevOps practices for Calypso Cloud. That includes defining an architecture that allows for Microservices implementation and DevOps pipeline automation.

Calypso Platform

There are two main components to a Calypso Cloud solution. The first part is hosting your Calypso platform in a cloud environment, for example, Amazon AWS for Capital Markets or Banking. The other includes customizations we provide designed to extend your Calypso capabilities. These unique customizations give your business the ability to interface with other systems, ensure a scalable platform and decouple business rules.

Every client is unique, and with CPQi’s personalized customization services, our clients are able to use Calypso in the way that works best for them. With our help, our clients are able to monitor and manage their Calypso installation from third party tools, giving their engineering teams the ability to develop sophisticated features.


With this approach, our clients are able to set-up varying configurations, leveraging the systems that benefit them. With Microservices, custom code, and business rules all implemented into the cloud, they’re better prepared for the future. By isolating Calypso’s API, we’re able to modernize platforms and migrate over to the cloud step by step. We don’t need to restart Calypso to deploy new microservices, ensuring our clients are able to perform at their best throughout implementations.

Our initiative has brought high-level automation and developments to leading financial markets, including the ability to implement an automated DevOps pipeline with CI/CD and automated testing. To bring your business the scalability of the cloud, book a consultation with our team.

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