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We are Calypso specialists with a strong partnership history and a proven track record of reliable delivery.

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What is Calypso Technology?

Calypso technology is a cloud, enabled provider of cross asset front to back solutions and managed services for financial markets.

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How is the implementation of calypso?

We manage project envisioning, scope and planning definition, and provide full-scale ongoing support and management of our Calypso implementation projects.

  • Our experts are able to help you with business environment setup & analysis, and assistance in definition and requirement analysis.

  • We provide platform & system customization, configuration & design with complete integration and interface along with coding, support and risk testing, & configuration management.

Cloud Migration

The flexibility offered by cloud technology trumps all in house installations, making it a powerhouse for critical software. Cloud architecture offers improved security, greater reliability, more possibility for growth and the ability to cut hardware costs. 

As a leading provider of cloud services, CPQi provide cloud migration services to businesses who depend on Calypso. We have helped a range of businesses migrate over to great success.

Using cloud computing in conjunction with Calypso makes businesses more resilient, competitive, and adaptable.

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At CPQi, we’ve worked with Calypso for many years. We have a strong understanding of how to provide valuable Calypso support.

  • Our support goes beyond picking up the phone and answering your questions. We provide consistent post implementation support designed to enhance your use of Calypso, encourage stable growth, and manage your risks.

  • With offices across the Americas. We’re able to provide local Calypso support to our clients located in a range of cities and countries.

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Our highly skilled team of capital markets technology consultants. So, respect your project needs and consult on crisis management, continuity planning, performance, & more. From RFI to RFP and into Proof Of Concept, CPQi is the ideal partner to help you. 

As an expert in modeling operations, and with offices spread across the Americas. CPQi are able to provide nearshore and split-site Calypso consulting services.

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Our Java and .NET builders understand the complexity of your implementation requirements.


  • All of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification. So, you’ll never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery. However, that cannot explain the cash flows of a total return swap!

  • We’re able to provide cost effective factory software developers by leveraging our nearshore offices.

A smart and secure way to invest in Calypso

Invest in a team that understands your needs, and can provide measurable value.

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