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We are Calypso specialists with a strong partnership history and a proven track record of reliable delivery.

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How do we help you with your Calypso Platform implementation?

We manage project envisioning, scope, and planning definition and provide full-scale ongoing support and management of our Calypso implementation projects.

Our experts are able to help you with business environment setup & analysis and assistance in definition and requirement analysis.

We provide platform & system customization, configuration & design with complete integration and interface along with coding, support, and risk testing, & configuration management.

Transform Your Front To Back Office with Calypso Cloud

We help our clients transform their processes from front to back of the office. Our expertise allows our clients to implement strong, integrated solutions that connect in real-time.

Historically disparate departments come together to provide a central, continuous view of what’s going on within the organization.

We bring market operations solutions online that address all asset classes in both cash and derivatives. Our clients gain the tools to use Calypso to support the entire trading lifecycle from initial execution to settlement, allocations, confirmations, corporate actions, and posting generations.

We work to give our clients flexible configurations for each of these processes that take advantage of automation and rule-based workflows.

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Manage Risk using Calypso Technology

Our clients have access to Calypso’s accounting framework. The flexibility of this system allows us to design a system that adapts to internal preferences as well as local accounting rules.

Risk management happens in real-time after we integrate the full suite of capabilities available from Calypso. They have access to helpful analytics like stress testing, backtesting, historical VaR, credit risk limit management, and Monte Carlo simulation.

Managing collateral becomes simple as these processes become automated for activities like bilateral, repo, and securities lending.

Our clients are able to quickly implement position monitoring, exposure calculations, agreement management, dispute management, analytics, collateral optimization, and allocation. These activities are supported by a well-tracked central pool of cash, securities, and precious metals.

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Calypso Technology

Portfolio Rebalancing

We bring reserve management online with Calypso’s Portfolio Workstation to give managers everything they need to support their entire range of investment strategies.

Portfolio rebalancing and what-if analysis become simple. They have tools for pre and post-trade compliance. Front offices get continuous risk and analytics metrics.

Our clients get performance measurement and error tracking in real-time. Treasury operations are fully supported with a special eye on liquidity management. Some of the functionality available includes stress cash projections and real-time inventory analysis.

Our integration experts are able to bring the entire suite of Calypso solutions online for our clients and customize them to their needs.

Our process involves extensive communication between our clients to understand what they need so that we can start building their ideal solution without going overboard, setting up options they won’t use.

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Calypso Cloud Migration

The flexibility offered by cloud technology trumps all in house installations, making it a powerhouse for critical software. Cloud architecture offers improved security, greater reliability, more possibility for growth, and the ability to cut hardware costs.

As a leading provider of cloud services, CPQi provides cloud migration services to businesses that depend on Calypso. We have helped a range of businesses migrate over to great success.

Using cloud computing, in conjunction with Calypso, makes businesses more resilient, competitive, and adaptable. Calypso deployments on the cloud take a fraction of the time that onsite services, bringing new levels of agility to any organization. These services work with Calypso’s Bank-in-a-Box solution to reduce development cycles and increase innovation.

These services lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) with either partial or full transfers of infrastructure to the cloud. The result for our clients is massive savings in hardware investments and operating budgets. Operations become simpler, and IT overhead is greatly reduced.

These tools allow modern institutions to pursue high-value client-centric projects. Taking the focus away from implementation allows the firms we work with to focus on what they do best.

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with new rules and regulations becomes easier as the impact on operations gets minimized. Even the most limiting environments and quickest changing rules have little effect on the services offered day to day.

Unlimited scalability is in the hands of our clients with access to this robust cross-asset platform powered by the cloud. Adjusting cost and capacity becomes easy to implement.

We facilitate moving the client to the cloud, setting up hosting services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other leading vendors. AWS is fully compatible with Calypso and allows for a quick turnaround when starting new instances.

The Calypso cloud services bring the entire range of trade processing, risk, and collateral solutions online.

Our clients get access to a cross-asset platform that centralized trade processing, workflow management, risk, collateral management, margining, accounting, and compliance.

These services are constantly being tested to be stable. Automatic updates push the newest version out without hassle to test, innovate, and improve function and regulatory compliance.

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Calypso Platform

Calypso Support

At CPQi, we’ve worked with Calypso for many years. We have a strong understanding of how to provide valuable Calypso support.

Our support goes beyond picking up the phone and answering your questions. We provide consistent post-implementation support designed to enhance your use of Calypso, encourage stable growth, and manage your risks.

With offices across the Americas, we’re able to provide local Calypso support to our clients located in a range of cities and countries.

We support you with native experts that address you in your language and your timezone. We are built to provide valuable local knowledge.

We understand the specific challenges of the markets our clients are operating in.

We support our clients to put the processes in place to manage the increasingly complicated role that banks play in the market.

We work with our clients to meet the demands placed on them and work to help them build processes that cycle faster and easier.

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Calypso Consulting

Our highly skilled team of capital markets technology consultants respect your project needs and consult on crisis management, continuity planning, performance, & more. From RFI to RFP and into Proof Of Concept, CPQi is the ideal partner to help you.

As an expert in modeling operations and with offices spread across the Americas, CPQi is able to provide nearshore and split-site Calypso technology consulting services.

We customize each project to the client’s needs. This includes communicating with clients to get a firm grasp of the solutions that they have in place and what processes they currently employ.

We then advise our clients on the most effective ways to implement Calypso solutions into their current architecture. Our depth of knowledge allows us to give them the tools needed to build robust processes that will be competitive now and adapt to the future with minimal adjustment.

Clients get advice on the best ways to start integrating their processes with APIs. We look at what is needed to move towards full integration and maintaining one database. Clients see how to connect departments together to achieve a single version of the truth for their organization.

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Our Java and .NET builders understand the complexity of your implementation requirements.

Calypso is written in Java and leverages enterprise Java Standards for deployment, messaging, security, and monitoring. It uses standardized design principles and best practices to enable distributed computing and management for big data.

The platform gives access to third-party services through its APIs that follow industry best practices and open the doors for additional customization and functionality.

With a tiered architecture, the platform is able to decouple complex transaction processing from low-latency risk and reporting tasks. Enabling this service-oriented design eliminated bottlenecks, and allows firms to meet market demands around the globe or the clock.


Reliable Calypso Implementation

Our depth of expertise allows us to reliably deploy these technologies while working in tandem with our clients to ensure all deployments, enhancements, and upgrades are in line with their business goals and timelines.

All of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification. So, you’ll never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery that cannot explain the cash flows of a total return swap!

We’re able to provide cost-effective factory software developers by leveraging our nearshore offices. These local professionals are able to integrate your current system with the entire line of Calypso solutions. These tools bring our clients further on their path to consolidate and simplify their business processes.

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Calypso Managed Services

Calypso Solutions

The solutions available from Calypso are cross-asset and front-to-back, with the hopes of meeting demands for the entire market. These services include:

  • Microservices
  • Utility partnerships
  • Blockchain partnerships
  • Cloud services
  • Bank-in-a-box
  • Liquidity optimization
  • Collateral optimization
  • Ccp clearing
  • Credit derivatives

Being intimately aware of how the nuts and bolts of this platform come together allows our DevOps team to bring the highest levels of functionality to each of our clients. Knowing the capabilities of the system we’re working with allows us to test those limits and fill in any additional gaps that persist.

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Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide the flexible solutions our clients need to start working with Calypso quickly, securely, and on budget.