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As the broader financial industry undergoes a technological evolution, capital markets must be conscientious of how technology will impact the future of finance. CPQi have worked in capital markets for over 15 years, bringing you not only the technology you need but also a high level of industry expertise.

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Challenges Facing the Capital Markets Industry

The global capital markets industry is facing multiple new digital challenges, causing many institutions to look to investments in technology as a solution.

Key challenges for capital market firms in the next decade include:

  • Maintaining Strong Customer Relations: Investors in capital markets are shifting their expectations as they grow more accustomed to new technologies. To maintain strong relations with customers, capital market firms must be mindful of their overall performance as well as the digital value they provide to investors.
  • Effective Adoption of New Technologies: It’s time for financial institutions to get serious about digital transformation. For capital market firms, the adoption of new technologies must be done effectively and efficiently. Reshaping their business models to fit within digital ecosystems is an absolute must.
  • Providing Sustainable Returns: Adapting to technological change comes with many hurdles, with one of the biggest challenges being the need for a strategy that overhauls business models without disrupting returns for investors. As capital market firms undergo digital transformation, maintaining an environment that supports sustainable returns is crucial.

What is Capital Markets Consulting and Technology?

As technological disruption continues to affect the capital market ecosystem, firms and institutions must find new ways to adapt.

Capital markets technology utilizes cloud computing and technologically advanced infrastructures to provide more seamless digital experiences for both your team and clients.

With the right digital services and FinTech team, capital market firms can experience:

  • Greater Customer Retention: Investors these days are looking for companies that can efficiently implement digital solutions. For the capital market industry, this means that those businesses that adopt new technologies early on will experience far greater customer retention.
  • Improved Stability: Capital market technology helps institutions maintain a stable footing within the industry by providing the digital support and services needed to satisfy clients.
  • Increased Efficiency: A major benefit of working with capital markets technology is the ability to automate many essential processes. As a result, a capital markets firm will experience heightened efficiency and productivity.
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Benefits of CPQi’s Capital Markets Technology and Consulting

At CPQi, our capital markets teams have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Each of our staff members is an expert in both technology and finance, ensuring that your business is provided with the exact services it needs.

The capabilities of our teams include development, testing, implementations, and consultations. We work diligently to provide each of our clients with solutions tailored to them.

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CPQi Offers a Full Range of Capital Markets Technology Services

Capital markets technology is multi-faceted – so are our services here at CPQi.

We offer a full range of services for optimizing your front, middle, and back offices. No matter the scope of the project, we have the tools and resources to achieve the best results possible.

Our services include:

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Wealth Management Consulting Services

Capital Markets Consulting Services

At CPQi, we begin each new project by first getting to know our clients with thorough consultations. We believe that detailed and attentive consultive services are the cornerstone to successful implementations.

During our initial consultation, we analyze which platforms, applications, and systems your business already has in place. This helps us to determine the optimal strategy and tools needed to achieve your desired results.

Following the initial consultation, our support staff maintains an open line of communication throughout the implementation process.

Managed Services

CPQi’s teams are capable of handling a wide range of different projects, including the full management of platforms and systems. Whether you are looking for a reliable platform implementation or are seeking fully managed services, we have you covered.

Our staff have over a decade of specialization in both technology and finance. We understand the many nuances and complexities of digital transformations and make sure you receive the ideal services for your business’s needs.

When you utilize CPQi’s managed services, you free up more of your team’s precious time. This time can then be allocated towards improving the customer experience and focusing on the needs of your clients.

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Wealth Management Technology

Digital Transformation

At CPQi, we offer transformative services that optimize your workflow from front to back. Whether that’s improving the user experience or automating back-end processes, our digital transformation services provide you with everything you need.

These services include:

  • Platform Implementations: CPQi is partnered with many of the top financial platforms available today. These include Moody’s CreditLens, Calypso, Murex, Finastra, ServiceNow, Temenos, Azure, AWS, Salesforce, and Findur.
  • Cloud Migrations: For the optimal platform implementation, we help institutions to migrate their systems and networks to the cloud. Cloud migrations have many key advantages, including significantly increased scalability and lowered operational expenses.
  • DevOps: To satisfy and retain clients, capital market firms must embrace continuous development and delivery of software and products. CPQi utilizes the DevOps methodology to unite your development and operations teams, resulting in drastically decreased development lifecycles.
  • Omnichannel: Clear lines of communication are key in the digital age. Using an Omnichannel approach, CPQi helps capital markets firms optimize their channels of communication to provide an equal service across the board.
  • Predictive Technology: CPQi employs artificial intelligence to create responsive and predictive models that aid in providing more accurate market predictions and advice.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory changes are occurring at a rapid pace – and many capital market firms are struggling to keep up. Remaining in good standing with compliance is a legal necessity that cannot be overlooked, especially within the capital market industry.

CPQi leverages technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes related to compliance. By doing so, we enable your systems to update automatically so that new regulations never go unnoticed or unaddressed.

Plus, we offer comprehensive compliance consultations as well. With the help of our financial experts, the nuances of compliance are simplified for your institution.

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Benefits of working with CPQi include:

  • Personalized Solutions: We understand that every business is different. For each new project we take on, we make sure to offer personalized solutions that fit the specific needs of your firm or institution.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With CPQi, your business can save more on your digital transformation. During our initial consultation, we work with your team to decide on the best services according to both your goals and budget.
  • Expert Support: After we complete the implementations for your institution, you are given access to our expert support teams. We have offices located across the Americas, ensuring there is always someone in your timezone to provide the assistance you need.
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The future success of capital market firms depends on each institution’s ability to integrate technologies with strategic efficiency. CPQi offers all the capital market technology needed to build a sustainable ecosystem and transform your business. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable solutions.