A member of our team is celebrating a milestone. Alexandre Martins, who works as a System Development Analyst in Fortaleza, Brazil is celebrating 5 years with us!

We’re so happy to have him on our team and we look forward to many more years to come.

We had a chance to interview him and ask him about his most memorable projects with us, his favorite thing about working in the FinTech industry and his advice for anyone who’s staring a career in the industry.

1. What are you most excited about the Exadel – CPQi Integration?

I’m excited to experience new horizons, especially related to work opportunities and growth within the company.

2. What word or phrase would you use to describe your journey with CPQi?

 I would describe as a journey full of learning opportunities and prosperity.

3. What is a project or moment that you find most memorable?

I would say the project I’m currently working on with 9th Gear. I feel very grateful to be part of an innovative and challenging project involving Cloud, Serverless and Blockchain technology.

As a Full Stack Developer working more intensively on the backend of the 9th Gear Project, I have the opportunity, together with our team, to implement an aggregated solution with Blockchain technology. This technology has become increasingly present and of vital importance for any branch of business. Working in this project has been very inspiring and important as it contributes to my career development.
The team leadership, the existing harmony within our team and the focus on achieving the proposed goal has lightened what normally would be considered a difficult task in delivering such a high-quality product.

Fortunately, 9th Gear Technologies and CPQi strive to provide all the resources necessary to achieve this desired goal.

With the entire team dedicated and correctly aligned in the project activities, there is no doubt that we will be successful.

4. Is there anyone who has had an impact on you in your years working at CPQi?

All the Technical Leaders of all the projects I have worked on for their initiative and willingness to share knowledge.

5. What’s your favorite thing about working in the FinTech industry?

The challenge itself and innovation that this area always provides. It’s also a nice feeling to know you were part of developing something of extreme importance that will be widely used in the financial market.

6. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start a career in Fintech?

Always strive to obtain and acquire knowledge of the Financial Market and seek Technical Certifications to the related technologies used in the industry.

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