Core Services

Keeping up in the technological era doesn’t stop at digital transformation. To maintain a competitive edge, financial institutions need the support and expertise of strong teams to ensure the proper management of new technologies. CPQi’s core services are provided by our experienced and international team, offering specialized solutions to meet your institution’s exact needs.

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What are CPQi’s Core Services?

Our core services include a full range of solutions that cover everything from platform management to software builds.

By employing CPQi’s core services, the weight of managing and maintaining complex technologies is lifted from the shoulders of your team. With the support of our core services experts, your financial institution can spend more time creating an exemplary experience for your customers.

Managed Services

Following a platform implementation, there are many bells and whistles to attend to for the platform to operate properly and efficiently. With the help of CPQi, your platform can be thoroughly optimized. Our team handles all the intricacies of platform management, eliminating that responsibility from the to-do list of your staff.

Embracing CPQi’s managed services gives you access to solutions such as:

  • Automation: Automation of essential processes is crucial when working to maintain a platform that needs to support many connections and digital traffic daily.
  • Configuration Management: Configuration management refers to the maintenance process required to keep computer systems, servers, and software functioning correctly.
  • Customization and Production: Having a platform that is customizable according to your institution’s goals, budget, and production objectives is key.
  • Seamless Integrations: Seamless integrations are a necessity for providing your team with a streamlined workflow.
  • Cloud Migrations: By migrating to the cloud, your financial institution can achieve greatly improved flexibility and scalability, along with encouraging overall innovation.

At CPQi, we offer specialized end-to-end services for many major financial platforms including Murex, Calypso, Salesforce, Finastra, Temenos, ServiceNow, Moody’s CreditLens, and more.

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Resource Augmentation

As the financial industry continues to expand further into the digital space, finding a large enough pool of technological talent has become increasingly difficult.

Rather than competing against many other institutions for the same people, resource augmentation offers your business a way to access highly specialized FinTech professionals who are trained to handle the intricacies of financial markets technology.

Benefits of CPQi’s resource augmentation services include:

  • Split-Site Offices: Our split-site offices enable our teams to build cost-effective and high-level programming without sacrificing your budget or resource constraints.
  • Dually-Trained Experts: Each member of CPQi’s team is trained in both technology and finance, ensuring that every expert we put forth for a project can analyze and address the full complexities of your institution’s specific scenario.
  • Time Zone Convenience: With offices spread across the Americas, you are certain to always have a CPQi team member that works according to your time zone.

CPQi also leverages completely outsourced services as an alternative to resource augmentation for our clients. No matter what your goals or preferences, our teams have the right options to help you reach them.

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Digital Development

With digital transformation comes the need to develop and deliver custom software and applications to your customers. However, finding the right company whose staff deeply understands the complexities of your desired software builds can be a challenge.

CPQi offers customized and cloud-based software builds that boost your institution’s scalability and the agility of an overall digital ecosystem.

Our digital development services include:

  • Java and .NET builds
  • Programming back-end processes and databases
  • Designing user-friendly front-end interfaces
  • Working with programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and Ruby

Partnering with CPQi for your digital development needs helps your institution enhance its competitiveness. Our personalized builds created by industry-specific developers improve your overall platform utilization.

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Omnichannel Strategies for Insurance

Regulatory Change

Modern regulatory change occurs at lightning speed, making it difficult for financial institutions to keep up as they introduce more and more new technologies into their business models.

At CPQi, we work diligently to not only provide thorough consultations on regulatory requirements but also to handle the technical side of compliance for you. Our services are designed to both keep your financial institution up to date and optimize your system process so that compliance activities remain as simple as possible.

CPQi’s regulatory change services can include:

  • Monitoring and tracking changes to regulation
  • Management and automation of compliance activities
  • Categorizing asset classes to ensure long-term success

Whether you are dealing with the LIBOR transition, implementing FRTB requirements, or in need of any other regulatory service, CPQi is here to help.

Boosted Cost Effectiveness

The choice to partner with CPQi will bring your financial institution many advantages. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with services that are personalized to meet their exact needs and objectives. When you work with CPQi, you gain the support you need all bundled into a single solution, eliminating the need to find multiple FinTech providers.

At CPQi, we understand how important it is to lower operational costs without sacrificing overall service quality. Our solutions are designed with your specific budget in mind, ensuring all your needs are met within your budgetary constraints.

We utilize near-shore offices to provide low-cost services in the same time zone as your institution. Our split-site business model gives you access to the best industry people for your project and transformation at half the cost of other providers.

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Wealth Management Managed Services

Deep Industry Experience

Our team at CPQi is composed of many industry experts. All of our technical staff have deep business knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

On top of that, we provide ongoing in-house training to keep our team’s skills sharp and ensure they are up to date on the latest regulatory or industry changes.

Additionally, CPQi’s leadership team is made up of highly qualified professionals who have all held senior IT roles.

We emphasize supportive leadership and management, ensuring our team always has the proper tools, resources, and work environment to provide top-notch service to our clients.

Partnership-Driven Approach

When you enter a partnership with CPQi, your needs become as valuable and prioritized as our own. We commit ourselves to help your institution reduce costs, increase efficiency, leverage technology for sustained growth, and achieve a successful digital transformation.

Plus, we make sure our leadership is accessible as possible. Rather than having layers upon layers of management to work through, each of our clients is given the dedicated and direct support of their respective CPQi country director and exco member.

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Heightened Scalability and Flexibility

Each and every one of CPQi’s services can be customized according to the exact requirements of your specific institution. Our services are outcome-based and use clearly defined milestones.

Through our resource and staff augmentation options, your business can scale up or down as needed at a pre-agreed value.

This gives your institution the freedom to utilize baseline monthly cost options that can be changed as your budget fluctuates, rather than requiring large and costly capital expenditures.

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