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Innovative technologies are making massive waves in the corporate banking sector. CPQi’s corporate banking technology and consulting services offer a full range of solutions to help banks optimize their business from front to back. With the help of our experts, your bank can rise above the growing competition within the industry.

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Major Challenges in the Corporate Banking Industry

There is no denying that the ongoing evolution of the corporate banking industry is driven by technology.

To succeed in the coming years, banks need to not only understand the challenges facing the industry but also work proactively to combat these obstacles.

These ongoing challenges for corporate banks include:

  • Rising Competition: The financial industry is becoming increasingly competitive with each passing day. For corporate banks, this means more institutions are battling for major clients. To rise above the competition, banks must focus more on collaboration and adoption of FinTech solutions and technologies.
  • Shifts in Client Expectations: Retail banks are not the only ones dealing with changing consumer demands – corporate clients are also shifting their expectations of their banking providers. To maintain a high level of client retention, corporate banks must pay close attention to the digital demands of their customers.
  • Higher Risks and Security Breaches: As technology continues to reshape the corporate banking space, institutions must remain wary of the regulatory challenges that come with new technologies. Without proper management and maintenance, digital systems are vulnerable to more risks and security breaches.

What is Corporate Banking Consulting and Technology?

To remain competitive in an increasingly digital industry, corporate banks need to adopt technologies that boost operational efficiency while also satisfying clients.

Corporate banking consulting and technology services achieve these needs by leveraging innovation with collaboration. While some banking institutions choose to implement new technologies independently, most turn to the help of expert FinTech teams.

With the right FinTech service provider, a corporate bank can achieve:

  • Heightened Personalization: At the core of the FinTech ideology is the belief that the client comes first. As such, FinTech digital solutions for corporate banks help such institutions focus on customers by providing personalized services. Likewise, the bank itself receives services tailored to its exact needs.
  • Reliable Digital Management: A strong FinTech team will offer not only implementations of technology, but ongoing support and management as well. With an expert team of FinTech specialists managing digital systems and technologies, corporate banks can spend more time optimizing their overall business models to meet client expectations.
  • Valuable Data Analysis: Corporate banking technology gives financial institutions far greater access to valuable company and customer data. Using this data, banks can carry out more accurate and precise analyses to boost profitability. Plus, this data analysis helps make more exact predictions about constantly fluctuating markets and consumer demands.
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CPQi’s Corporate Banking Technology is Customized for You

Here at CPQi, we pride ourselves on providing customized corporate banking solutions. Our teams are well-trained in both technology and finance, delivering the expertise banks need to achieve their specific goals for their front, middle, and back offices.

The solutions offered by CPQi are designed to give corporate banks everything they need for a full digital transformation. This includes thorough consultations, development, testing, and more.

Benefits of CPQi’s corporate banking technology include:

  • Improved Customer Engagement: At CPQi, we understand the critical importance of not only attracting corporate clients but also of keeping them engaged. We provide corporate banks with the resources needed to offer clients a well-rounded customer experience that encourages interaction and engagement.
  • Boosted Efficiency: Achieving digital solutions can be difficult when corporate banks have to seek out multiple providers. With CPQi, you receive everything you need from our broad set of services. In turn, we help you to boost both your cost and operational efficiencies.
  • Accurate Data and Modeling: Strong data analysis and advisory models are crucial for corporate banks. CPQi offers analytical capabilities that are highly accurate, predictive, and precise. With the help of these capabilities, corporate banks can make better use of valuable data and information to improve their business models while simultaneously satisfying clients.
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CPQi’s Services Manage Corporate Banking Technology for You

When integrating digital solutions into existing systems, corporate banks need to have the support and management they need to keep operational efficiency high.

At CPQi, we offer a full range of services that help manage the entirety of corporate banking technology for our clients.

Our services include:

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Corporate Banking Consulting Services

Successful digital solutions start with thorough consultations. Before beginning any new digital project or implementing services, CPQi’s consultants sit down with corporate banking teams to determine their exact needs and desires.

The first step in our process is to determine what legacy systems and applications already exist within an institution’s digital infrastructure. From here, we can decide through discussions with your team which platforms and solutions can be integrated without requiring huge budgetary strains or taking your systems offline.

Our consultation services don’t stop with the initial meeting either – we provide ongoing support and advice throughout the implementation process.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a massive project for corporate banks to take on. With the help of CPQi, however, this can be achieved easily without distracting your team from more important tasks such as focusing on the needs of your clients.

CPQi’s digital transformation services include:

  • Platform Implementations: Corporate banking technology platforms need to be optimized for both the customer experience and risk management. At CPQi, we are partnered with many of the top financial platforms to offer our clients resilient digital capabilities. Platforms we’re partnered with include Salesforce, Calypso, Murex, Moody’s CreditLens, and many more.
  • Cloud Migrations: Moving into the digital space requires corporate banks to embrace more collaborative business models. By migrating to the cloud with the help of CPQi’s cloud computing experts, corporate banks can enjoy the benefits of centralizing data and information. This allows authorized personnel to access the data they need from anywhere at any time.
  • DevOps: CPQi prioritizes DevOps to help corporate banks unify their development and operations teams. DevOps is a software development methodology that decreases development lifecycles, increases speed of deliveries, and enables continuous development.
  • Omnichannel: Removing barriers to communication is the key to digital success. Using an Omnichannel strategy, CPQi reshapes the ways that corporate banks interact with their clients. With Omnichannel, all services and capabilities are available to both clients and staff through their preferred channels.
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Managed Services

CPQi’s managed services offer corporate banks the implementations, banking processes, and technologies needed to optimize a digital transformation from start to finish. Plus, our managed services offer ongoing support to take the weight of technology management away from your team.

We provide custom builds and continuous development to ensure your clients experience higher and more consistent levels of satisfaction. By utilizing our managed services, less of your valuable time is lost to the maintenance of complex and advanced technologies.

Additionally, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate many of your essential processes. This includes many of the necessary compliance activities, enabling your systems to update automatically according to current regulations.

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If you are ready to give your corporate banking institution the competitive edge it needs, contact CPQi to learn more about our digital solutions and technologies. We design our services to be highly beneficial to both your institution and your clients, making your digital transformation a mutually advantageous endeavor.