Corporate Treasury Technology

Here at CPQi, we have the expertise and capabilities to provide corporate treasuries with the technological services and tools necessary to transform a treasury department into a partially or fully digitally-operated space.

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What is Corporate Treasury Technology?

Technology has shifted the ways in which corporate treasuries exist and operate – and the technologies available these days are highly sophisticated and capable of handling the majority of essential treasury operations.

Technological solutions and services for corporate treasuries can aid in a number of essential tasks and functions, including:

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Financial risk and liability management
  • Management of credits and interest rate risks
  • Budget creation and implementation
  • Asset valuations

With many corporate sectors embracing treasury management technologies, it is more important than ever to embrace digital transformation and adapt to operations being carried out within the digital space, rather than a more traditional office setting.

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How Does it Work?

In order for corporate treasury technologies to work, there must be a clear alignment between traditional treasury operations and technological advancements. This makes having a team of professionals with expertise in both corporate treasuries and technology highly important.

Thus, to operate corporate treasury technology it is key to have a reliable and expert team at your disposal that can be employed to optimize your corporation or bank’s presence and capabilities within the digital space. Cloud computing and digital transformation services are major components that make corporate treasury technology a reality. Cloud-based operations allow for a digital infrastructure that is both secure and easily accessible.

Digital Transformation in Banking

Benefits of Corporate Treasury Technology

Embracing the shift towards digitization and making use of corporate treasury technology provides great value and benefits. This is particularly true when employing a team of specialists, such as those here at CPQi, that can apply the best strategies and techniques to ensure corporate treasury departments operate smoothly and effectively within the digital space.

Here are a few of the primary examples of how treasury technology is beneficial:

  • Increased efficiency due to automation of basic processes
  • Greater predictive powers granted through the use of AI
  • Lower overhead costs through the implementation of a single platform and managed services

We offer a wide range of services that can provide helpful assistance in effectively applying treasury technology. Moreover, we offer an expert team trained in both treasury operations and technology to ensure that all your bases are covered.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance service can help your corporate treasury stay up to date on all the regulatory requirements expected of treasuries, as well as streamlining compliance data into one centralized location to provide better access for monitoring.

Staying up to date in terms of regulations is a major consideration for corporate treasuries to keep in mind, as compliance failures can result in a damaged legal standing or even risk fines.

Having a digital space in which all regulatory information, data, and updates can be found is important for ensuring you maintain a strong oversight of compliance. Moreover, automation of compliance tasks will help to make certain no important regulations are overlooked.

Regulatory changes are impacting corporate treasuries world wide, get ahead of the problem with a team that can do the work for you. CPQi leverage split-site resources where applicable to ensure your regulatory work is done without the extra cost and stress. We offer a cost-effective package that uses your current budget to deliver regulatory change, managed services and digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Lead the way into the 21st century with a flexible infrastructure designed to protect your corporate treasury’s future. We ensure you gain greater control and better delivery across your firm with our digital transformation offering, bringing the flexibility of cloud migration, the speed of delivery of DevOps or the predictive powers of artificial intelligence to your corporate treasury.

Our Digital Transformation services provide corporate treasuries with an expert team trained in both treasury operations and technology to effectively and efficiently oversee the implementation of digital infrastructures and frameworks that are essential for corporate treasury technology to function.

Utilizing this service can help to lower many of the overhead costs associated with creating a secure and efficient digital infrastructure. Plus, because digital programs and software can be employed to automate basic day-to-day processes and operations, more of your professional time can be spent on greater corporate objectives.

Additionally, it is more important than ever to embrace digital transformation to provide the best value for your clients or customers.

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Corporate treasury Technology

Cloud Migration

Cloud computing allows for information and data to be stored and accessed from one secure and central location. Our cloud migration services will help to make sure you experience a seamless transition from traditional infrastructures to cloud-based ones.

Operating from the cloud is both more cost and time effective and can simplify the necessary processes required to ensure total cyber security. Plus, cloud systems provide greater opportunities to work cross platform and improve your overall profitability.

Effectively implemented cloud migration is also a long-term investment, as it can greatly cut the costs of in-person operations and instead allow staff, colleagues, or other related professionals to access the corporate treasury platform and data remotely.

Platform Managed Services

We offer specialized services for many major platforms to help you successfully implement a platform that can offer a tremendous amount of scalability depending on your individual needs. This can help greatly with overhead and staffing costs related to digital transformation, as well as greatly cutting back on the time needed to effectively apply new processes and procedures.

Using our platform managed services means you can spend less time worrying about making sure your platform of choice is operating properly, and more time focusing on your own major clients or corporate proceedings.

Your platforms are a vital part of your business, make sure you’re getting the best with personalized platform services. CPQi have provided platform services from support to development for 6 of the world’s top 12 banks over the last decade, we’re experts in our field and understand how to help you get the most out of your systems.

Plus, we can work with your previous platforms and move them into digital transformation mode, meaning we can apply our services to systems you already have in place rather than starting from scratch.

Create opportunities for growth with our transformational managed services, giving you flexible resource utilization and transparent cost forecasting. Meet the growing demands of your firm with a flexible work-force and clear, reliable cost-model. Managed services ensures you’re able to deliver on the projects your business needs without going over budget.

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Digital Banking

DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps service works with the cloud to provide you with cost cutting and cutting edge software to ensure quick and continuous delivery.

DevOps operates in a way that revolutionizes project planning by enabling collaboration from anywhere, thanks to the centralization of information and data through cloud migration. This allows for a constant evolution of corporate treasuries’ operating systems, software, and platforms to best fit their needs and their clients’ needs.

Continuous delivery provided by DevOps also helps to heighten the overall safety of the digital system or space as well by immediately identifying security risks that need to be addressed.

Omnichannel Development

Our omnichannel development services focus on improving the communication between you and your clients or colleagues by providing synchronicity across all channels through which your platform or services may be accessed.

Omnichannel development also helps to ensure that data and information will be universally accessible, regardless of the device being used to access it. Clients nowadays expect seamless performance across all platforms and channels, and providing them with that is a must.

Moreover, omnichannel development focuses more on client-centric designs and operations that allow for sustainable growth.

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Predictive AI

The predictive AI services that we offer are extremely useful for helping to predict cash flow forecasts and monitor markets.

AI can greatly increase the amount of data from internal and external sources being monitored, thus making it easier to identify potential problems early on.

AI also helps to employ automation in a manner that is flexible and easy to adapt to changing client needs or demands. Our AI can moreover be personalized to your corporate treasury to ensure your exact needs are being met.

Additionally, our AI can provide accurate risk management prediction models and can identify risk indicators at exceptionally quick speeds.

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Understand and control investments made with greater visibility by leveraging the best technology services available to corporate treasuries.