CPQi’s client is a Brazillian financial institution with more than 65,000 service points across the country. As a leader in Brazil’s financial markets, they must keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape of finance.

CPQi is a FinTech services provider and consulting firm with clients in more than 11 countries across North and South America. With more than 300 employees specially trained in both technology and banking, CPQi has expert teams available to clients in many international regions and time zones – including in Brazil.

The decision to partner with CPQi presented many key benefits for this bank, including the CPQi team’s deep technological knowledge and implementation experience. Additionally, CPQi partners with many of the top financial platforms, allowing this Brazillian bank to not only implement the platform of its choosing but also achieve the best possible integrations and customization for its business.


The global financial industry is rapidly changing, as more and more technological advancements become part of the standard banking business model. To meet the new expectations of financial consumers, they had to develop and implement an effective digital platform.

Platform implementations present a variety of key challenges, from user experience to back-end technicalities. Their first major hurdle was finding the right partner. Not only would the partner need to have deep knowledge of various platforms and platform development, but they would also need to have nearshore offices and staff that speak the native language of Brazil. Additionally, they needed a partner that valued a highly customer-centric approach.

The team found the expertise and talent they needed in CPQi, whose team has more than 15 years of experience with these kinds of implementations.

The CPQi Approach

CPQi is a leader in the FinTech space, helping financial institutions to achieve digital strategies and transformations that meet their specific needs. Along with offering digital transformation services, CPQi also provides platform implementations, managed services, and staff augmentation.

When working with a client, CPQi focuses on the specific needs of both the client and their customers. This enables CPQi to provide thorough consultations and customized solutions built according to a client’s exact specifications and requirements.

To meet the needs of this Brazillian bank, CPQi took a highly personalized approach that included:

  • Regular status reporting with consistent formatting
  • Weekly working sessions with project teams
  • Weekly meetings with IT to discuss current projects and prioritization
  • Implementation of a high-level testing methodology
  • Project management training and testing for project team members and executive committee

In addition to these tasks, CPQi also employs an agile and flexible methodology that allows for optimal development and deliveries.

As for the bank, they were incredibly focused on providing an excellent set of services and experiences to its clients. This customer-centricity is a foundational principle guiding the institution’s developmental and digital goals. Their core values include:

  • Recognizing customers as the reason for the organization’s existence
  • Ethical practices in all activities and relationships
  • Transparency with the information needed by interested parties
  • Belief in the value and ability of people to develop
  • Respect for human diversity and dignity
  • Social and environmental responsibility, including incentives for sustainable development activities


With the help of CPQi, the bank established a secure and sophisticated platform designed to meet all the needs of its customers – including access to on-demand services via mobile device.

Their partnership with CPQi also resulted in:

  • Better organization and documentation
  • Greater accountability and oversight
  • Project governance
  • Development of PMO strategies & PMO integration
  • Development of project plans for all projects
  • Inclusion of IT-specific tasks within all project plans
  • Implementation of high-level testing methodology
  • Development of defect tracker template used on projects


CPQi’s partnership with this bank has been significant and impactful, helping to keep the Brazilian institution ahead of the competition within its home country.

With CPQi also offering ongoing support and managed services, they have been able to maintain a high-functioning and cost-effective digital platform.

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