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CPQi prides itself on being a leading provider of digital transformation, managed services and staff augmentation for financial institutions. By partnering with our expert team, your institution will gain the competitive edge it needs to prosper in the technological era.

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The Benefits of Partnering with CPQi

Here at CPQi, we offer a full range of services to ensure your financial institution is digitally optimized from front to back. No matter where you are in your digital journey, we have the resources and expertise needed to design custom solutions that address each of your business’s specific needs.

Here are 3 key benefits to partnering with CPQi :

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: Our team is comprised of industry experts with deep experience and knowledge in both finance and technology. Each member of our leadership team is highly qualified and has previously held senior IT leadership roles. Plus, we embrace a partnership-driven approach, committing to help you reduce costs and leverage technology for optimal growth.
  • Emphasis on Efficiency: When beginning any new project, our team at CPQi first takes the time to assess your business’s exact needs and requirements. We then create custom solutions that take into account your specific budget and utilize our split-site offices to ensure the services you receive are cost-efficient and in your time zone.
  • Boosted Scalability and Productivity: With the help of our many services and solutions, your financial institution can achieve the ability to scale up or down with ease. Our flexible staff augmentation models help you expand upwards at a pre-agreed value, all while keeping the stress of digital management and maintenance off the shoulders of your team.

CPQi’s Core Services

Digital transformation is only one piece of the technological puzzle for a financial institution. CPQi’s core services are designed to address any management and maintenance needs for you, helping you derisk and grow.

Our core services include:

  • Transformational Services: With your current budget and our expert techniques, we can deliver measurable value through your business’s digital transformation at a pace you’re comfortable with.
  • Managed Services: After a successful platform implementation, the platform must continue to be monitored for risks or errors, as well as being updated when needed. Our managed services help with all the essential platform management activities. These include automation, configuration management, customization, production, and seamless integrations.
  • Staff Augmentation: At CPQi, we offer our clients a large pool of both financial and technological talent and resources. Our split-site offices ensure that you always have experts working in your time zone. CPQi’s resource augmentation services help you build cost-effective and high-level programming within your budgetary constraints.
  • Digital Development: Platforms and cloud-based infrastructures require a constant stream of new software and applications to operate properly and keep customers satisfied. Our digital development teams are highly experienced programmers who can build custom software that optimizes your front, middle, and back offices.
  • Regulatory Change: Keeping up with regulatory change is a major priority for financial institutions to remain in good legal standing. Our teams are financial experts, meaning they understand the complexities of compliance. Our regulatory change services at CPQi help you with everything from monitoring and tracking changes to automating compliance activities and categorizing asset classes to ensure long-term success.
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Private Banking Technology

Digital Banking

Keeping up with the technological evolution of the financial industry can be tough. CPQi works with your budget and existing resources to develop an expert strategy to help your institution effectively overcome the hurdle of digital transformation. As banking customers grow more accustomed to – and expectant of – virtual service, banks need to adopt new technologies and systems that enable full digital deliveries of their services.

CPQi’s digital banking solutions transform traditionally in-person activities, programs, and services into fully functional and digitized online activities. A strong digital banking solution will enable all actions that usually occur in physical banking branches to occur remotely via internet-connected devices.

Digital banking services can include:

  • Money transfers
  • Account management
  • Check deposits
  • Access to bank statements
  • Financial applications
  • Debit card replacement requests

CPQi helps your institution not only provide these digital services but also optimize the user-friendliness of the platform and interface your customer interacts with.

Platform Implementations

As the financial landscape continues to be reshaped by technology, having the ability to leverage advanced digital technologies is a must. A reliable platform implementation is a cornerstone of a successful digital transformation.

At CPQi, we provide specialized platform services – including both implementations and management. With the assistance of our expert team, you receive a custom-built and fully configured platform that empowers your staff and satisfies your clients.

CPQi is partnered with many of the top financial platforms, providing you with all the support and resources needed to make the most out of your platform. Our platform partners include:

  • Calypso
  • Salesforce
  • Murex
  • Findur
  • ServiceNow
  • Finastra
  • Temenos
  • Moody’s CreditLens
  • Azure
  • AWS
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Omnichannel Strategies for Insurance

Cloud Migrations

Technological and digital advancements mean financial institutions can offer more virtual services to their clients than ever before. However, it also means that greater volumes of business can reach an institution’s platform. Without the proper digital infrastructure, a financial system can easily become overwhelmed by dramatic increases in business.

Migrating to the cloud provides financial institutions with the ability to enable innovation at scale. Not only does it boost scalability, but the cloud can also improve overall security and profitability.

CPQi’s cloud migration services include activities such as:

  • Creating sustainable business growth using cloud-based platforms
  • Working with legacy platforms to keep past investments profitable
  • Building custom software and applications to achieve a high level of speed and flexibility

DevOps and Omnichannel

Enabling a successful cloud migration and platform implementation requires a close look at how your business operates. Using DevOps development and the omnichannel approach for digital channels, CPQi helps to break down departmental barriers to boost your production and productivity levels.

DevOps is the marriage of software development and IT operations, with the purpose of significantly decreasing development lifecycles. The development method is often paired with the cloud and enables continuous deliveries.  A core component of DevOps is a customer-centric mindset, making the method as advantageous to customers as it is to a business.

DevOps is often used in unison with an omnichannel communication strategy. Through omnichannel, an institution’s digital channels are optimized to provide all services to customers. Using data analysis and customer profiling, CPQi leverages your channels to enhance the user experience for your clients.

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Artificial Intelligence

Among our many specialized team members at CPQi are our AI and machine learning experts. With these professionals on your team, your institution can leverage AI to predict market patterns and fluctuations at an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Our AI team at CPQi has moved beyond simple theory – we have the capabilities and expertise to provide real, measurable value to our clients. With the addition of our predictive AI to your existing workflow, your institution can experience increased financial gain at reduced costs.

Plus, AI can provide you with crucial business and industry insights that are personalized around your institution. This includes customized risk management models that help to ensure your systems and platform are safe and secure at all times.

Wealth Management Managed Services

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