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Here at CPQi, we offer comprehensive services and solutions to help you digitize your business and banking processes. But just what is digital banking, and why is it so important?

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Take control of your business with transformational managed services.

CPQi takes away the intense stress involved in managing problem-prone, disconnected technologies, bringing efficiency and accuracy to our clients.

However, it’s an exciting time in tech. We’re here to help you move your systems over to the latest technologies. Reduce processing time and improve accuracy, reliability and customer experience.

Is Digital Banking Safe?

Moving business into a digital space can be nerve-racking when considering the threats of hackers and malwares. This is especially true when it comes to digital banking, as customers and employees alike want assurance that important financial data is safe and secure. Storing information and operating virtual infrastructures via the cloud can often be much safer than traditional hard drives used on banking computers. CPQi focuses heavily on security and regulatory changes to keep your systems well secured and operating properly. This in turn also helps to cut costs of IT services needed to keep your information safe!

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Digital Banking in 2021 Provides A Seamless Experience

Digital banking is the transformation of traditionally in-person activities, programs, and services into fully-functional and digitized online activities. These can include:

  • Account management
  • Money transfers
  • Depositing checks
  • Viewing bank statements
  • Financial applications
  • Debit card replacement requests

Any action that would normally have to happen at a physical bank location can now be carried out simply by using any device connected to the internet. This digitization can vastly streamline every-day proceedings to be easier and more efficient for both bank employees and customers.

Digital Banking

How do Digital Banking Channels work?

Transforming in-person banking to digital banking is achieved through the processes of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of virtual services such as servers, databases, networking, and storage. By using cloud-based services, companies can avoid dealing with the technological complexities of physical computing infrastructure.

This is then paired with DevOps, which combines practices in both software development and IT operations to bridge the gap between the two and provide smoother and more efficient digital functioning. At CPQi, our comprehensive Digital Transformation service provides both cloud migration to easily move business into the cloud space and DevOps to work in conjunction with the cloud to provide continuous service.

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Digital Banking in 2021

We Understand Complexity

We have a decade of experience working with highly complex systems for some of the biggest names in banking, so nothing you send our way will be too difficult.

You’ll never need to train or educate us, we understand how complex systems work. Most of our employees are trained to at least masters level and have years of experience.

Maximise Resources

Limited resources don’t need to hold you back, leveraging our managed services model can help you get ahead of the increased demand on your team.

CPQi already understand what needs to be done, and how to do it. We can manage current operations without going over budget. Deliver digital transformation and current operations without worrying about finding new resources.

CPQi Provide Digital Banking Services

Our models are set-up to be flexible in their nature, delivery is based on demand and workflow can be modified when needed. Our diverse experience and range of teams are focused on delivery, project management, development and more. We will always have someone in our team who knows how to resolve any upcoming issues. Flexible cost packages mean you have a predictable cost base to work from when planning your budget.

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A Strong Track Record

We’ve delivered on time and on budget for the largest financial institutions in the world, and we can do the same for you. From the second largest insurance company in the US, to 6 of the worlds top 12 banks, we’re trusted by a range of businesses.

From developers to trainers, our range of experts are trained in both banking and technology, so they’ll always understand your unique requirements.

Digital Banking Services

Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software

Utilizing cloud computing can be highly advantageous for a myriad of reasons, including cutting costs of operating and maintaining traditional networks and servers, broad scalability to fit changing business demands and needs and well-organized data management. It also provides businesses with the ability to update software automatically, keeping systems running smoothly and provides internal teams with better communication, collaboration, and file sharing.

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Digital Banking Technology

Teams that Understand Digital Banking Technology

Everyone working at CPQi is trained in both banking, and technology, so all our teams understand the nuanced requirements demanded of them.

Extensive training ensures our teams are able to deliver highly technical resolutions that are in sync with the way, and industry, you work in. Our offices are based across the Americas, from Chile to Canada, so you’ll always have an on the ground team local to you.

Enough flexibility to get the work done

Often, trying to create transformation within your systems means having to hire new people. With transformational managed services, you are given the flexibility to partner with our business for the length of time required and are free to stop when the job is done and your internal teams are ready to take over with the long-term running of your systems. We have a range of extremely qualified specialists in niche fields ready to undertake small or large tasks based on the project’s requirements. This flexibility ensures your business gets the most value and the highest long-term ROI.

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Benefits of Digital Banking Technology

Digital banking allows customers unlimited, 24/7 access to their accounts. This can be especially crucial for those who travel often or have limited time in their schedules to visit their bank’s in-person location.

That’s not the only advantage of the service, however, and there are benefits for both customers and employees.

Customer Benefits

  • Personalized service that adds value to customer experience
  • Automation of services such as bill paying
  • Better and faster access to customer service

Employee Benefits

  • Less time spent onboarding customers and day-to-day transactions
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Better access to customers for conflict resolution
Digital Banking Channels

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