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At CPQi, we are committed to helping our clients build customized cloud-based software solutions that are designed to enable greater scalability and growth for their businesses. We offer thorough digital development services to help you create a strong and agile digital ecosystem that helps to lower costs and optimize your workflows.

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Why you should hire us for your digital development

One of the challenges for digital development is finding a company whose staff understand the complexities of what they are building. When you work with us, you’re working with a team that genuinely understands your business and industry.

Enhance competitiveness and improve platform utilization with customised, personalised builds created by industry specific developers. If you need to explain every derivative to your provider’s technical staff before you can get a decent delivery, then it can greatly impact the value you get from your project. ALL of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification. This means that you will never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery that cannot explain the cashflows of a total return swap!

We develop with purpose, ensuring any work done encourages and enhances growth opportunities. Our business was created by banking specialists, so we understand the importance of focused, purposeful development. Our partnership with over 7 platform providers ensures we have the best tools available to encourage the growth of your business.

What are Digital Development Services?

When it comes to setting your business’s digital infrastructure up to be the most efficient and easily scalable, cloud-based solutions are the way to go. However, the cloud can be tricky and complex to work with, making it intimidating for professionals new to cloud-based software.

Digital development services cut out the middleman by helping business to build customised software solutions to fit their specific needs. Building cloud-based solutions requires software developers to have a solid working knowledge of the complexities involved with such builds. Examples of digital development activities include:

  • Programming a back-end database
  • Designing an easy-to-use front-end interface
  • Working with programming languages, such as C#, Python, Java, or Ruby

A strong digital development services provider should additionally be proficient in a multitude of technologies, programming languages, and digital architectures, such as Microservices and JavaScript for example.

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What CPQi Offers

At CPQi, our team are experts at building custom software and cloud solutions tailored for each of our clients’ individual businesses.

We offer the total package when it comes to building, providing our clients with both front-end and back-end services to ensure the software is built correctly and effectively from front to back.

Our experts are additionally well-versed in a number of programming languages, including:

  • C#
  • Java
  • Python

CPQi also gives our clients the power to choose what architectural style, developer platforms, and frameworks they prefer, with our staff being experts in a multitude of these as well, including:

  • .NET
  • Rest
  • Angular
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CPQi’s Back-End Services

When it comes to building digital developments, back-end services and processes are largely responsible for running the show. As such, it is highly important to employ a team of builders with the proper capabilities to skilfully deck-out the Back-End of your cloud or software solutions to be optimized for use.

As its name suggests, Back-End services deal with the processing behind an application. The application data – such as names, addresses, and phone numbers – is stored and processed in a database. Clients can then send requests through to this back-end database, at which point the database will return a response based on how it has been programmed.

The Back-End is designed to support several simultaneous requests, including:

  • Supporting high processing loads
  • Bridging the data that comes from the browser towards the database and vice versa
  • Applying the appropriate business rules and validations

It is common for Back-End developers to work with languages like Python, Ruby, Java, C#. However, there are several other requirements of a Back-End development team, and CPQi offers a team of experts ready to meet the challenge.

The strengths of our team include:

  • Good communication and teamwork skills, which are essential for uniting the Back-End and Front-End processes
  • Strong ability to multitask, improve, and learn
  • Ability to create organized, responsive, and high-quality code
  • Logical reasoning and analytical skills that lend themselves to creating excellent programming logic
  • Strict adherence to deadlines and goals
  • Ability to analyse and solve problems effectively

Our team uses agile methodologies to ensure the Back-End workflow of your build is optimized for the utmost scalability and efficiency and is designed and tested to ensure its capabilities are coherent and cooperative with the Front-End processes.

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Front-End Services

CPQi’s Front-End development services deal with the basic technologies of the Web – such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – to design an interface and give life to the visual layer of an application.

It is important for Front-End developers to have the basic notions of how a website works, and how the user can interact with this website. Moreover, Front-End systems’ functionality are dependent on the Back-End processes, making it essential for both developmental teams to work efficiently together.

Front-End services are ultimately closer to the client themselves and provide the client with the necessary design elements to allow for easy use of the given software or platform. While Front-End interface design may not have the same operational importance as the Back-End process, it is responsible for the satisfaction and comprehension of the client.

Additional skills and benefits provided from Front-End developers include:

  • Understanding how to work with framework SPAs, such as Angular and React
  • Proactivity when it comes to problem solving
  • Initiative for creating simple and responsive designs

CPQi’s Expertly and Cross-Trained Staff

One of the challenges for factory software builds is finding a company whose staff understand the complexities of what they are building.

By working with CPQi, you are guaranteed access to a team of experts with experience in both the technological and financial realms. This means that the digital development solutions we provide you with will be optimized for use by professionals within the field of finance and banking.

Benefits of utilizing our team of experts include:

  • Working with a team that genuinely understands your business and industry
  • Enhanced competitiveness and improved platform utilization thanks to customised and personalised builds created by industry specific developers
  • Specialized support and consultations to ensure continued success after building and implementation
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Encourage Growth with CPQi’s Digital Development Services

We develop with purpose, ensuring any work done encourages and enhances growth opportunities. Our builds are designed and customised client to client, meaning the build you receive will be unique and tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Our business was created by banking specialists, so we understand the importance of focused, purposeful development, and thanks to our partnership with over 6 of the top platform providers, we have the best tools available to encourage the growth of your business.

Additional benefits that come from working with CPQi include:

  • Access to our DevOps team can help to build an agile and flexible digital space for any financial institution
  • Clear cost breakdowns to remove any budgetary confusions
  • Reliable implementations carried out by our top experts
  • Trustworthy deadlines and timely delivery of products, services, and support

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Partner with an experienced team that understands the complexity of your business.