What a year! We doubt we’ll be alone in saying good riddance to 2020! While this year has been a dark one for many, some light has shone out of the shadows. Cities, countries and businesses have predominantly banded together, supported one another and comforted those most in need. Many of our colleagues, partners and clients have rolled their sleeves up and done what they can to support their communities and users.

The banking industry has come together in support of those most vulnerable in an exciting and heart-warming way. We’ve seen a strong focus on people-first, on team members being given the resources and work structure they need to thrive during this time. We’ve seen a huge shift towards banking channels that sustain and support the community, with privacy, transparency and financial support coming out ahead. We’ve seen financial institutions become the backbone their users can rest on, and we are proud.

As the leading digital transformation partner in the Americas, we’ve been heavily involved in moving systems onto the cloud to make them more accessible during remote work, building out DevOps environments for our clients so that they can collaborate with ease, and developing omnichannel strategies and platforms to help your clients become the voice of their community during this difficult time for all.

We are therefore very pleased to announce a 14% growth this year. Alongside this incredible growth, we’ve also opened a new office and centre of excellence in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We will be hosting a virtual launch party to officially celebrate our new centre on the 28th of January. The Mayor of Halifax kindly shared a few words on the technology community in Halifax at our first virtual job fair, and we are looking forward to welcoming him again at our virtual launch.

In further news, we were named one of the top 12 FinTechs to watch in 2021 alongside Shopify by Invest Ontario and were published in Finextra for our thoughts on DevOps. We spoke at the Digital Transformation Conference 2020, and hosted our own first global digital event; The Digital Banking Transformation Conference: Real Life Stories in 2020, and are looking forward to hosting our second in 2021. We also hosted several wine and cheese virtual events where we brought together some of the most senior people in banking across Brazil, Chile and Mexico to enjoy a night of fun, from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

We were named one of the 50 Innovative Companies to Watch for 2020 by Silicon Review, and our CEO was awarded Top Influential Business Leader of 2020 by CIO Prime Views. We’ve been trusted and awarded business by new clients and sustained our old business throughout the year. We’ve made several exciting senior hires and have a well-structured team ready to take on the next year. With an expected growth of 35% for 2021, we’re ready to rock and roll into the new year!

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