As we head into the second half of 2022, our team is excited to announce that CPQi has been acquired by Exadel — a leading enterprise software development company.

After years of carving new paths in software development through a wide range of industries, Exadel is ready to make the dive into the world of FinTech. Given the shared values between Exadel and CPQi, acquiring CPQi was the ideal choice for the company’s venture into finance.

Change is coming here at CPQi and we are thrilled to explore the future with our dedicated staff members, loyal clientele, and valued business associates. In this article, we uncover everything you need to know about Exadel’s acquisition of CPQi and what it means for our future as a company.

Exadel + CPQi: A Stronger Force in the Market

At CPQi, we have worked tirelessly to ensure we provide top-notch services to financial institutions of all kinds, from banks and credit unions to financial services companies.

In our quest to continue providing financial institutions with the critical support they need in this digital era, we have decided to partner with Exadel. Exadel is a truly global company, spread across 11 countries, and represented by 26 global offices. With CPQi’s own presence in the Americas, this gives both our team at CPQi and the Exadel crew the opportunity to expand further, together.

All-in-all, this partnership between Exadel and CPQi will prove to be the missing piece to becoming an undeniable force within the global FinTech industry.

CPQi’s Role within Exadel

CPQi will act as the finance vertical for Exadel, joining our forces to provide better FinTech solutions that are more efficient, advanced, and globally accessible than ever before.

Exadel’s Acquisition of CPQi

Building a Global Community

While CPQi has worked diligently to expand its reach throughout the Americas, we do not want to stop there. It is our hope to reach clients all around the globe, both in the Americas and beyond.

Exadel offers us this very opportunity. Not only is Exadel well established in the U.S. and parts of South America but it also has a strong presence in European and Asian regions as well. Like our team at CPQi, Exadel’s talented staff members are trained to excel not just in technology but in technology designed for highly specific industries including media, eCommerce, healthcare — and now finance as well.

Creating New Opportunities for Both Clients & Staff

As CPQi’s role in Exadel’s larger business infrastructure continues to progress and evolve, more opportunities will arise for our eager staff members to participate in.

For now, much will stay the same. As this partnership is still in its early days, many of the management structures our teams are accustomed to will remain as they are, and business shall go on as usual. In the future, CPQi team members will not only have access to more opportunities but also professional connections and enhanced career growth.

Final Thoughts: Reaching New Horizons

The world of FinTech is ever-evolving. To thrive in this industry, it is essential to embrace change with open arms and an open mind.

We at CPQi feel immense gratitude for the support and loyalty we have enjoyed over recent years and now for the excellent opportunity to expand into a stronger and more global company through our partnership with Exadel.

In this endeavor, it is crucial to have all hands on deck moving forward. After all, it is our team that makes CPQi the worthwhile investment it is. While immediate changes may be subtle, in the long run, this partnership will bring about valuable new business prospects and regional expansion that have the potential to bring us all to new heights.

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