From Kondor+ to OPICS to SUMMIT, we’ve worked with systems under the Fusion banner for over a decade.

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How can we help you with your Finastra Banking platform?

We want to help you manage your Finastra platform by optimizing risk management and open innovation.

Expand your open finance services by utilizing our platform managed services for faster delivery at an affordable rate.  We train all our developers in banking and technology to give them the knowledge they need to help you maximize the quality of your financial services. See how CPQI can help you get the most out of your Finastra services, and learn what we have to offer.

Full Automation with Finastra Cloud

To be one step ahead of the competition, you need to be able to multitask. Luckily, our experts can help you become fully automated with your Finastra services so that you can depend on quick delivery and oversee processes without direct supervision.

Once fully automated, you can manage trades, documentation, funding, cash, and other necessary fields with significant ease. Becoming fully automated improves competitiveness in the world of online retail banking.

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Finastra Digital Banking Implementation

Our consultants implement your platform with ease, covering project envisioning, scope and planning definition.

With over 200 employees across the Americas, we offer a range of Finastra implementation services including environment set up and system training.

Our developers can help you customise and integrate Finastra, so it fits in perfectly with your business.


Finastra Cloud Migration

Ensure long-term scalability by moving Finastra onto the cloud with our platform specific digital transformation offerings. Migrating Finastra onto a cloud based infrastructure ensures speed of delivery and faster innovation. Our digital transformation consultants keep security and regulatory compliance at the forefront of their work.

For improved storage, delivery, and security at a flexible cost, there are few systems better equipped than cloud technology. We’ve worked with many financial institution cloud migrations projects, so we understand how to migrate your Finastra platform into the cloud without disrupting or halting your business and success. Migrating Finastra onto the cloud allows your business to become more adaptable and flexible, giving you a competitive edge.

One of the major benefits of cloud banking is that it doesn’t require excessive manpower and complicated software, meaning that you’ll significantly reduce management costs. Cloud technology allows you to keep up with the competition by being able to scale up and down according to your needs. Plus, integrating new technology is easy to do with the cloud because of its adaptability.

With the ease of cloud technology comes the increased speed in accomplishing tasks, analyzing data, and serving the needs of your clients. Forming stronger client relationships is an essential component of successful banking in any form, and the cloud can help with that exponentially. A shared application like the cloud creates a bridge between users of different software, allowing for payments and other transactions to become effortless.

CPQI can help you migrate your Finastra platform to the cloud effortlessly, so you don’t have to delay your business and can get the most out of your banking success. Let us help you navigate the online banking world with the best technology for your business’s success.

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Finastra Cloud


At CPQI, we have the expertise you need to answer your toughest questions. We believe in full transparency and working together as a unit, which is why we’re constantly standing by to help you with anything you may need.

We can offer a range of consulting services from platform and system customization to general support and risk testing. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable and confident with our management of your Finastra platform before you work with us.

Efficient Reporting

Our service doesn’t stop after we agree to manage your Finastra platform. We’re with you every step of the way, and we let you know everything about the progress of your Finastra platform’s performance when we know. We train our clients to use the Finastra system to its greatest potential. We constantly monitor the progress of your Finastra platform so that we can instantly see spikes in things like decision-making processes and analysis.

Once Finastra is fully implemented, your business will easily be able to connect with new business opportunities, allowing for improved growth and efficiency. This allows managers to properly monitor and report their business’s success and keep tabs on anything that happens. Getting the proper reporting for your business allows you to lower potential risks while simultaneously increasing profits.

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Finastra Open Banking


We provide full-scale ongoing support of your Finastra platform, with exceptional quality at competitive rates. We offer extended trading hours support with a full suite of services for your systems. We only used high-quality resources to successfully monitor Finastra implementations.

We can maintain your Finastra platform with our high-quality onsite resources, ensuring the successful outcome of every project. For any questions or concerns you may have, you can speak with one of our team members by booking a free consultation.


All our developers are required to take a course in banking, so they understand your unique requirements. Our specialist developers are ready to help you future-proof your business with customised Java and .NET builds. Nearshore offices ensure we can provide factory software builds at cost-effective rates.

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Finastra Banking

Finastra Open Banking Innovation

Our developers are ready to help you get the most out of Finastra’s open API’s. We can develop applications, customize your tools and build your processes whether you work in Insurance, Capital Markets or Treasury, we’re here to help you transform your propositions and integrate your platforms.

Finastra are known for being an innovative and exciting player in the FinTech market, and our strong bond with their team ensure that we can help you get the most out of their next-generation products.


We understand your project needs and are ready to consult on a range of business situations. Whether you’re facing a crisis, or looking to improve performance, CPQi’s consulting teams are here to help. We’re experts at modelling operations, so you’ll always understand exactly what’s at stake and what to do next.

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Finastra Digital Banking


At CPQi, we not only train our developers in banking, we have also worked with many of the largest financial institutions in the world over the last 14 years.

Not only have we helped them succeed, but we continuously work with them to help them thrive. Having worked with other online banking companies, we understand what it takes to make a business succeed through analytical and practical implementation.

We understand the potential mistakes in Finastra managed services so you don’t have to go through any mistakes that could cost your business success.

To learn even more about how we can make your business thrive through Finastra, book a free consultation, view our digital transformation services, and learn a little bit about us. Let us help you successfully navigate the online banking world through expert management and implementation of Finastra.

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Get the most out of Finastra by leveraging a cost-effective, reliable team.