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From Kondor+ to OPICS to SUMMIT, we’ve worked with systems under the Fusion banner for over a decade.

Finastra Implementation

Our consultants implement your platform with ease, covering project envisioning, scope and planning definition.

  • With over 200 employees across the Americas, we offer a range of Finastra implementation services including environment set up and system training.

  • Our developers can help you customise and integrate Finastra, so it fits in perfectly with your business.



We understand your project needs and are ready to consult on a range of business situations.

  • Whether you’re facing a crisis, or looking to improve performance, CPQi’s consulting teams are here to help.

  • We’re experts at modelling operations, so you’ll always understand exactly what’s at stake and what to do next.

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We provide full-scale ongoing support of your Finastra platform, with exceptional quality at competitive rates.

  • We offer extended trading hours support with a full suite of services for your systems.

  • We can maintain your Finastra paltform with our high-quality onsite resources, ensuring the successful outcome of every project.

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All our developers are required to take a course in banking, so they understand your unique requirements.

  • Our specialist developers are ready to help you future-proof your business with customised Java and .NET builds.

  • Nearshore offices ensure we can provide factory software builds at cost-effective rates.

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Cloud Migration

Ensure long-term scalability by moving Finastra onto the cloud with our platform specific digital transformation offerings.

  • Our digital transformation consultants keep security and regulatory compliance at the forefront of their work.

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A smart and secure way to invest in Finastra

Get the most out of Finastra by leveraging a cost-effective, reliable team.

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