Findur consultants can provide incredible value to your platform, provided you find the right one. There are several key features that make a truly great Findur consultant, which we’ll outline today, along with a breakdown of exactly how to source and hire the best Findur consultants around.

A strong client list and proven track record

Having a solid client list and demonstrable track record means your consultant will be skilled enough to tackle any issues you may be facing. It’s important to find a provider with a wealth of experience, particularly for consultancy work which in its nature requires the wisdom of prolonged exposure. For example, at CPQi, we’ve provided Findur services for many businesses, including an entirely digital investment bank, and a major provider of food, agriculture, financial and industrial production. This variety in clients means weve been exposed to a range of scenarios and predicaments, all of which we’ve overcome skilfully, building our understanding of Findur with each project.


Consultants need to be dedicated to you and your mission, rather than out to fend for themselves. With most large-scale financial market projects, deadlines and costs can spiral out of control and become great liabilities not originally expected. It’s vital to find a consultant who is transparent in their interests, costs and timelines and considers your business a priority. As a specialist company focused on providing banking technology services, we are singularly driven and completely committed. We are always transparent in our costs and work with our clients to ensure they receive a cost-effective service.

An understanding of the transaction lifecycle

Finding a team with a holistic understanding of the transaction lifecycle and a wider understanding of banking in general ensures your Findur consultant isn’t narrow in their perspective and is able to provide advice and support from a profitable, scalable viewpoint. For example, at CPQi, all our employees are trained in both banking and technology, so your consulting team will understand the intricacies of your technological needs and how they fit into the wider banking world.

A variety of skills, all focused on a common goal

The right Findur consultant should have a wide range of skills and experiences that will all lend themselves towards the common goal of improving your experience and use of Findur. For example, at CPQi, our teams work in a variety of fields, from software development to project management. When working on a Findur implementation, this variety ensures the project is being attacked from all sides and encourages innovation.

Profit driven

While it’s important to resolve any issues you may be facing, a good Findur consultant will leverage the opportunity to find profit driving solutions. CPQi was founded by bankers, so we always look at a problem and try to see beyond the technical solution towards long-term, profitable innovation that works to get you the most out of your platform.

How to find your Findur Consultant

There are several places you can find one; job boards, networking and others. However, the best consultant you could find is an experienced one, a team of specialists who are strongly recognised in the field. CPQi have provided Findur consultations to some of the biggest names in capital markets, we are based in offices across the Americas and 6 of the world’s top 12 banks are our clients. We’re the safest bet, and the strongest choice. Call us today to book a free meeting.