Findur implementation is a wise decision for a variety of large businesses engaged in financial trades. When implemented correctly, Findur provides an incredible framework to scale your front to back office processes, empowering leaders with the information they need to make profit boosting decisions.

Findur brings your business into line under one strong workflow and provides a solid solution to your trading needs. However, it’s also a big task to get it up and running properly. From integrations to training, getting your Findur implementation done properly often requires specialist services.

At CPQi we’ve been implementing platforms for over a decade, so we understand the intricacies involved in getting things right.

A single solution to streamline your business

With an integrated system managing your front to back office processes, reconciliation becomes easy. Findur brings your teams out of their separated workstations and creates a collaborative space designed to minimise risk and streamline your processes.

By having everyone working from the same system, you are connecting your business across all lines, bringing everyone together under a strong workflow, reducing complexities and encouraging collaboration.

Findur comes with some amazing features to enhance your business. For example, Findur automates your business processes, encouraging quick delivery and automated monitoring.

There are a range of risk reporting and monitoring tools available giving you a better understanding of your commodities and trades.

Your cash, funding and financial management and your document management including invoices are all managed within Findur, as well as your collateral and margin management and your accounting and operations.

Improve your decision making

Having all data available in one location empowers leaders with the information they need to make better, more profitable decisions. Decisions are made in a more timely, accurate fashion.

At CPQi, our business analysts and consultants know how to train teams during implementation to ensure their decision-making processes are greatly improved.

We help our clients use Findur to break into new opportunities or discover profitable trades. We can customise Findur reports and educate leaders on how to extract and use the reports to lower risk and increase profit.

Findur provides easy to use dashboards giving leaders the simplicity that drives good decision making. Our teams understand the system, but they also understand the market, making us the best decision when it comes to who should help with your Findur implementation.

Reduced long-term costs

Findur can be great at reducing your operational expenses. Findur gets rid of a lot of the manual reconciliation work that’s typically required, giving your team the time and space to do the work that matters.

However, implementing Findur can sometimes snowball into a pricey, time consuming activity. Making your implementation financially effective often requires a supportive team of experts working on your project, who understand how to prevent costs from escalating, and deadlines from spurning out of control.

At CPQi, we bring a team of experienced business analysts and technical consultants to every Findur implementation. Our years of experience mean we understand what can go wrong and how to fix it quickly. We also understand how projects can be bottlenecked by a variety of procedural issues, and we know how to get things running along smoothly again without long periods of time passing while everyone waits to see if anyone else knows what to do!

For example:

Our technical consultants will understand what to do if Findur needs to be modified to fit in with your current systems, and we have highly experienced developers ready to build any additions or modification in.

Our teams understand the complexities of what they’re building, and every single technical person that works at CPQi is required to get a banking qualification, meaning they understand how Findur fits into your real processes and won’t make any unprofitable changes.

We’re very flexible and able to deliver alternative solutions depending on what our clients ask for. For example, if our clients could benefit from it, we sometimes use a split-site model to keep the costs of their Findur implementation low.

We have offices across the American continents from the USA to Canada, Chile to Argentina, giving us a wide berth of languages and cultures. If a project in New York needs development work done, one of our expert teams over in Brazil may be in charge of delivery, ensuring work is done by someone operating relatively close to the same time zone, but at a lower rate.

Why choose CPQi for your Findur implementation?

While implementing Findur can be an incredibly profitable decision, it can go wrong if you don’t have the right team backing you. At CPQi, we have been implementing platforms across the Americas for some of the largest banking organisations in the world for over a decade, so we know how to get it right the first-time round.

From managing the project scope so it doesn’t end up taking a lifetime, to customising your platform to drive delivery and boost decision-making, CPQi are specialised experts ready to get your platform up and running! Give us a call for a free consultation.