Findur Managed Services

From financial institutions to modern digital only banks, our expertise in Findur has led to a number of highly successful projects. By leveraging managed services, you can implement and run your Findur platform with more ease and less financial burden.

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How Can We Help You With Your Findur Implementation?

When implemented correctly, Findur provides an incredible framework to scale your front to back office processes, empowering leaders with the information they need to make profit boosting decisions.

However, the process is a complicated task that takes a hefty workload to pull off. Having access to a dedicated team that knows how to integrate Findur with your current infrastructure is a must. Our implementation experts ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.


From platform & system customization to support and risk testing we’re ready to provide world-class Findur implementations.
Working with us, your workplace will become closer to being one cohesive whole. With all of your office processes, both front and back end under one roof collaboration becomes much simpler.
Working across the same business lines creates the strongest workflow possible, increasing speed as inefficiencies evaporate.

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Embracing automation allows your business to provide quick delivery and monitor processes unsupervised. The risk reporting and monitoring tools at your disposal will enhance your understanding of your commodities and trades. Managing documents, cash, funding, and financials becomes easy. Collateral and margin management get upgrades with real-time data.

Leaders have access to all of the data that they need to make informed decisions and don’t have to worry about insights being siloed off.


Cloud Migration

The flexibility offered by cloud technology trumps all in house-installations, making it a powerhouse for critical software. Cloud architecture offers improved security, greater reliability, more possibility for growth and the ability to cut hardware costs.

As a leading provider of cloud services, CPQi provide cloud migration services to businesses who depend on Findur and we have helped a range of businesses migrate over to great success.

Using cloud computing in conjunction with Findur makes businesses more resilient, competitive, and adaptable.

We see the need for many businesses to have access to cloud computing services, but that doesn’t mean they need to abandon their current infrastructure. We work with clients to find the optimal solution that suits their current needs, budget, and work process goals.

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Our expert staff train our client’s teams to use Findur to the greatest advantage. They will instantly see jumps in decision-making processes and analysis.

Once Findur is implemented, businesses quickly find new business opportunities and profitable trades. The reporting tools allows managers to keep tabs on what is happening and get the reporting necessary to lower risks while increasing profits.


Our highly skilled team of Findur technology consultants respect your project needs and consult on crisis management, continuity planning, performance, & more. From RFI to RFP and into Proof Of Concept, CPQi is the ideal partner to help you.

As an expert in modeling operations, and with offices spread across the Americas, CPQi are able to provide nearshore and split-site Findur consulting services.

Finding the right consultant provides incredible value to any enterprise, but finding the right one is key.

Our solid client list and track record stands as staunch social proof of what we are capable of. Eight of the top twelve banks in the world are our clients, and we work to provide the same top tier quality service to all of our clients.

The vast array of projects that we have worked on has given us the experience to surmount the challenges that any company faces. We’ve seen it all and we are confident when we say we can deliver.

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DevOps for Banking


Our diverse range of clients and years of experience means we’ve likely encountered any problems you may be facing before and have already learned how to overcome them.

At CPQi, we have over 200 skilled employees working in different areas with different expertise, so no matter what complications you can throw our way, we’ll be ready. From project managers to consultants to engineers, our company has every piece of the puzzle ready to put together.

We offer extended trading hours support with a full suite of services for your systems. Our local offices are able to provide Findur support on our client’s terms.

We service a wide variety of cities and countries, while still keeping the emphasis on staying local. We address our clients in their timezone, in their language.

We understand the intricacies of working within each specific region, so our clients never have to get us up to speed on how banking works in their back yard. The strong bonds we have built with Findur are the result of years of working in tandem.


We leverage nearshore and onsite developers to ensure you get the most cost-effective service. We scale the time commitment of the project to provide you all of the manpower you need, and none that you don’t.

We can add a few features to an already working system, develop customizations and integrate platforms.

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Our Happy Clients Include:

  • A digital investment bank
  • Food producers
  • Agriculture
  • Financial services
  • Industrial production

We understand the entire lifecycle of the transaction and look at problems holistically. Our finely honed skills in DevOps and banking give us valuable insight into every aspect of the project. We are able to innovate and find the ideal solution for our clients because we are able to effectively tackle it from all angles.

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Our flexibility allows us to give you the quality work that you need to build a strong infrastructure while still adhering to budgetary demands.

We excel at finding the current strengths of our client’s current infrastructure, allowing them to shine. Finding the weak spots that need dire attention is a specialty of ours as well. All developers at CPQi are trained in both banking and technology.

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We believe in the importance of transparency to keep ourselves accountable on projects. Being clear on the interests of the project, costs, and timelines are a priority to us. We maintain clear communication between our clients and adapt to their needs.

We excel at finding and implementing profit-driving solutions that provide the most value possible. We take pains to think about problems with an eye on the long term instead of trying to make due with short term fixes.

A Strong Track Record

From building out processes, to integrating with the cloud, to finding new applications for automation, CPQi are helping to pull financial institutions into the future.
Our technical staff are required to get a banking qualification, so they’ll always understand your unique requirements and be able to develop in line with your needs. High-quality resources ensure the successful outcome of every project.

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While Findur has a comprehensive front to back platform for a variety of products, DevOps is one thing that is often lacking.

We have worked with previous clients to fill that gap, giving them the a full DevOps team to implement changes and work on new features to get the most out of the system.

We help our clients leverage DevOps to deliver a robust Findur architecture with the successful implementation of a range of DevOps practices. We can help make your Findur systems ready for the future roll-out of a Full DevOps and Cloud Model, leading to better scalability, flexibility and modularity with Microservices and shorter release cycles.

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Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide the flexible solutions our clients need to start working with Findur quickly, securely, and on budget.