Finding Findur support that works for your business can be the difference between a profitable partnership and a stressful financial drain. At CPQi, our support goes beyond picking up the phone and answering your question, we provide consistent post-implementation support designed to enhance your use of Findur, encourage stable growth, and manage your risks.

A Local Support Network, Wherever You Are

With offices across the Americas, we’re able to provide local Findur support to our clients located in a range of cities and countries. This ensures our clients receive timely support within their time zone and in their language, with an understanding of how local regional regulations and customs affect Findur in that area.

Decades of Experience

CPQi have strong bonds with Findur and our long-standing relationship ensures we understand their systems. Our diverse range of clients and years of experience means we’ve likely encountered any problems you may be facing before and have already learnt how to practically overcome them.

We Work in the Real World

All our employees are trained in both banking and technology, with masters or masters level qualifications, and have many years of experience working in banking technology, so they understand how things work in the real world. They’ll be able to provide support that takes into consideration real-world issues and won’t suggest any developments that aren’t backed by experience of financial processes. Since our developers are also trained in banking, you know you’re always getting a team that really gets you, your business and your needs.

A Strong Portfolio, Just Ask Us

We’ve provided Findur support for some of the biggest names in the industry. We’ve worked with established banks, as well as new, web-based ventures. As a company, we work with 6 of the world’s top 12 banks, as well as many other capital market businesses. We’re happy to show you what we’ve done, just drop our team an email and we’ll set up a consultation where we can show you our portfolio.

Lots of Layers, Like an Onion

With a range of specialists working for us, you’ll received a layered service certified to get you the best results possible. At CPQi, we have over 200 skilled employees working in different areas with different expertise. From project managers, to consultants, to engineers, our company is ready to provide the best Findur support possible.

What Happens When You Contact Us?

We’ll start by giving you a free consultation. This will help you understand what work will be required and how CPQi can help. We’ll explain our costs with transparency, you’ll leave the meeting with a strong understanding of time and cost requirements. We’ll help you understand what sort of Findur support you need, if you need an on-site team improving your system uses or if you only need a quick project to straighten out the rough edges. We’ll let you know more about CPQi, and why we’re the right people for the job. Drop us an email to find out how our Findur support can help you.