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At CPQi, we are seeking out highly motivated and passionate FinTech professionals. If you have been searching for an entry into FinTech, we have the perfect opportunities for you!

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Why Work in FinTech?

FinTech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world! Innovation is the name of the game in FinTech. By choosing to pursue a career in this industry, you will have opportunities to work with the newest cutting-edge technologies.

Plus, you will gain professional experience in both technology and finance. Not only are these two of the highest paying fields, but they offer some of the best opportunities for career development and advancement. Here are a few examples of potential career specializations within FinTech:

  • Business and Financial Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Compliance Expert
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps Engineer

The FinTech industry continues to expand each day – and CPQi is growing with it! Whether you’re a software developer, business analyst, technical analyst or you work in quality assurance, we offer many different jobs in a wide range of specializations. By joining our FinTech team, you can get to know the industry that is changing the world daily.

FinTech Jobs in Halifax

Looking for FinTech jobs in Nova Scotia? Join our team in Halifax!

CPQi has many FinTech opportunities in Canada. We are working diligently to expand our Canadian presence. As part of this initiative, we are building out our business center in Halifax.

We work with many major financial institutions across the Americas. By becoming a part of our Halifax team, you will have the chance to be a direct part of our continuing growth.

Plus, we offer opportunities for candidates with a range of experience levels! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just entering the FinTech industry, our Halifax department can help you achieve your professional goals.

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FinTech Jobs in Toronto

If you live in Toronto or are interested in relocating, CPQi has job opportunities for you.

Our Toronto office is hiring motivated professionals at all levels. With CPQi, you can jumpstart your career in one of Canada’s largest technological hubs.

Whether you’re looking for software developer jobs or quality assurance jobs, thereis no better time to begin your FinTech career than now. Plus, you will get to experience all of the culture and urban advantages Toronto has to offer!

We have a wide range of positions with new opportunities arising every day. Get in touch with our Toronto office to learn more about our current job offerings in the city.

FinTech Jobs

Remote FinTech Jobs in Canada

At CPQi, we recognize the advantage of working remotely!

We have many new opportunities for remote FinTech jobs in Canada. Our goal is to ensure our team can collaborate effectively from the comfort of their home offices.

Even if you do not live close to our Canadian offices, our remote FinTech jobs can help you grow your career! Our remote team members have access to all the same opportunities and resources as our in-office staff.

Our team is always looking for new talent. If FinTech is your passion and desired career path, consider joining our remote team in Canada.

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Benefits of Working at CPQi

Here at CPQi, we strive to achieve the best possible working environment for our staff.

Our goal is to ensure not only the satisfaction of our clients but of our employees as well. By joining our team, you will experience all that CPQi has to offer.

Below are 5 key benefits that you will gain by working with us:

FinTech Jobs in Halifax

Expand Your Professional Network

CPQi is a highly diverse and collaborative business. By working with us, you will have many exciting opportunities to meet professionals across the FinTech industry.

We believe that providing our team the chance to grow together and connect is paramount.

At CPQi, you will have the opportunity to develop professional friendships and working relationships that will follow you through your entire career, so you’ll learn how to get a FinTech job and make a real difference in FinTech.

Plus, our senior-level staff and business leaders strive to be as accessible as possible. We work to ensure all of our new team members get the quality mentorship they deserve.

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FinTech Jobs in Toronto

Further Your Training and Education

The CPQi team recognizes the importance of continouous professional education. We work to ensure our team members have regular intervals of new learning and training in their chosen line of work.

We always encourage our employees to expand their financial and technological understanding through further education.

As part of this objective, we offer CPQi University – an internal training program designed to help you earn certifications in your ideal specializations.

This additional training comes at no extra cost to you. Providing our team with educational resources is one of CPQi’s biggest perks!

Join a Fast-Growing Industry

FinTech is an expansive and ever-evolving field of work. By choosing this career path, you can rest assured you will never become bored by a dull working environment!

CPQi works with many of the top financial institutions across the Americas. We strive to be a leader in the FinTech space.

When you join our team, you will become a part of a collective of professionals constantly seeking new outlets for professional growth.

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Remote FinTech Jobs in Canada

Engage in Collaboration

Gone are the days of siloed and closed-off departments.

At CPQi, we value the practice of collaboration. Our FinTech professionals are given many opportunities to develop new skillsets through teamwork and cooperation.

A major advantage of working in FinTech is the ability to diversify your talents. Though we encourage specializations, we offer many opportunities for you to learn about different career paths within the industry.

By engaging in collaboration at CPQi, you will have the best chance to find the FinTech niche you are most passionate about!

Enjoy a Supportive Environment

Our office spaces and working environment at CPQi are designed to be caring and compassionate.

By working at CPQi, you will have access to supportive managers who put your needs first. We also encourage our teams to work together across departments to ensure you always have the support and resources you need.

We understand that FinTech is always changing! Our managers work diligently to ensure new team members gain confidence quickly within their new position.

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No matter your level of experience, we want to get to know you! We have opportunities for FinTech professionals at all levels. Send us an email today to to learn more about joining our growing team at CPQi.

FinTech Jobs in Canada