The Calypso platform is used front to back for FX deals and trade finance in Brazil. Implementation of Calypso in Brazil for this business area requires the support for several specific FX contract types and regulatory interfaces with the Central Bank.

HSBC already had an existing Calypso implementation in Curitiba however the system needed to be enhanced to support new business, regulatory and architectural requirements.


CPQi created a split site team with offshore services in Fortaleza and a management capability at HSBC’s offices in Curitiba. The team consisted of highly skilled Calypso analysts, architects, developers and QA´s.

The project required a seamless integration of the HSBC process with CPQi’s Agile delivery model.


This approach resulted in a robust and fast product delivery implementation with an exceptionally high quality outcome. Releases were deployed on a regular basis and the architecture was substantially enhanced.

Since the initial deployment, CPQi have continued to provide capability for deployment of further phases of the Calypso rollout including enhancements to existing products, new products implementation and changes to accommodate regulatory market alterations.


HSBC were able implement over 15 new FX products inside Calypso with a high level of customization, system integration and architectural enhancements, resulting in a high foundation for new business and regulatory requirements.