When looking for a job, there are two main factors you should always keep in mind:

  • Can I make a good living with the base salary in my chosen position?
  • Will this position provide me opportunities for professional development and growth?

In this article, we will discuss 10 of our top good-paying jobs in Canada that are in high demand in 2021. Keep reading to learn about what types of skills you need, what salaries you can expect, and how to go about pursuing these jobs.

1. FinTech Sales

Industry: FinTech

Average Salary: CA $71,000+ (Source: ZipRecruiter)

For job seekers looking for an entry-level position in a highly profitable industry, a job in FinTech Sales is great for gaining valuable experience while still making an above-average salary.

Oftentimes, employers are seeking skills in sales, retail, and communications when hiring for this position. This makes it highly accessible for many professionals, regardless of if they have relevant FinTech experience.

Plus, most FinTech companies offer free continued education and professional development programs for employees, meaning you will have many opportunities to gain new skills and areas of expertise once hired.

All About FinTech

The FinTech (financial technology) sector is growing massively in Canada and shows no signs of slowing, making this industry a hot one to watch for job-seekers in 2021 and beyond. As demand for FinTech solutions continues to increase, so shall the demand for new talent in the industry.

According to a 2019 study by Toronto Finance International and PWC Canada:

Toronto is also home to North America’s fastest-growing large technology market, which has seen its labour pool increase by 51.5% over the past five years — creating more tech jobs than the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington.”

Keep this in mind as you read through the rest of this list, as several of the occupations described here fall into the realm of FinTech. These positions will not only empower driven professionals but will also greatly benefit their professional and personal growth.

2. Software Architect

Industry: FinTech, Engineering, Business, IT

Average Salary: CA $109,000+ (Source: Indeed)

Take your software development skills to the next level by pursuing a job as a Software Architect.

Software Architects are experts in software development, capable of making executive design decisions and solutions. Skills required for this position include a deep knowledge of programming languages, software development practices, and Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Good paying jobs in Canada

3. DevOps Engineer

Industry: FinTech, IT

Average Salary: CA $90,000+ (Source: Indeed)

Another highly lucrative job within the field of FinTech is that of a DevOps Engineer.

DevOps Engineers work to unify software development and IT operations teams through coding and scripting of application elements, APIs, libraries, and more. To become a DevOps Engineer, it is ideal to have a background in software development and inter-departmental communications.

4. Data Scientist

Industry: FinTech, Engineering, Business, IT

Average Salary: CA $88,000+ (Source: Glassdoor)

Data Scientists play crucial roles in all industries, but especially those related to technology and business.

As a Data Scientist, your role is to extract meaning and insights from data using statistics, machine learning, and other data analysis skills. A job as a Data Scientist can pave the way for professionals to enter a wide variety of senior-level positions later in their careers.

5. Psychiatrist

Industry: Healthcare, Psychology, Pharmaceuticals

Average Salary: CA $265,000+ (Source: Indeed)

Want to make a difference in people’s lives while still earning a significant salary? Become a Psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses using both psychology and biology. To earn this type of occupation, job seekers must have a degree in medicine and a license to practice psychiatry.

6. Physician

Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Average Salary: CA $256,000+ (Source: Indeed)

If you are interested in healing and the human body, a role as a Physician can provide you with a profitable career involving your passions.

Physicians are responsible for promoting, maintaining, and recovering the health of patients through a variety of tasks including diagnostics, treatment of injuries, and prescription of medication. To become a Physician in Canada, you must earn a degree in medicine as well as the appropriate license.

7. Pharmacist

Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Average Salary: CA $103,000+ (Source: Glassdoor)

A career as a Pharmacist is not only highly profitable but offers you many opportunities for advancement and growth.

Responsibilities of a Pharmacist include reviewing and filling prescriptions, creating accurate labels, immunization services, inventory management, and much more. To become a Pharmacist in Canada, you will need to earn a degree in pharmacy and pass the national board examination.

All About FinTech

8. Cloud System Architect

Industry: FinTech, Software Development, IT

Average Salary: CA $125,000 (Source: Talent)

These days, everyone’s moving to the cloud – meaning there is a plethora of opportunities waiting for professionals who take the path of a Cloud System Architect.

Cloud Architects oversee the cloud computing strategies of companies, including adoption, implementation, and management. To become a Cloud Architect, you should either have a degree or experience in a related field (IT, Computer Science, etc.). Specialized certifications help applicants to stand out to employers for these types of positions.

9. Human Resources (HR) Manager

Industry: All Industries

Average Salary: CA $72,000+ (Source: Indeed)

A job as an HR Manager will never go out of style, as all major businesses in all industries need talented HR professionals.

As an HR Manager, your key responsibilities will include business administration, recruiting and onboarding staff, providing strategic planning consultations, and serving as a middleman between business leaders and employees. Becoming an HR Manager requires a combination of a Bachelor’s Degree and relevant experience in the field.

10. Digital Marketing Manager

Industry: Advertising, Marketing

Average Salary: CA $119,000+ (Source: Salary.com)

In this digital age, every business needs a strong digital marketing manager to build profitable brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for many tasks including developing marketing campaigns, overseeing social and networking initiatives, and leading a business marketing team towards success. While a degree certainly helps make job seekers more competitive in this field, there are many secondary educational programs you can complete to help jumpstart your career in digital marketing.

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