Hedge Funds Technology and Consulting

In an age of technological disruption, hedge funds need the ability to make fast and well-informed investment decisions without stressing over potential risk. CPQi’s hedge fund technology and consulting services help your hedge fund to increase operational efficiency while also ensuring your regulatory obligations are met.

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What is Hedge Fund Consulting and Technology?

Hedge fund managers commit countless hours employing the best strategies to earn for their investors. As public interest in investment grows amongst financial consumers, hedge funds must find new ways to keep up with increasing business volumes while still being mindful of compliance requirements.

Hedge fund technology and consulting services include the platforms, systems, and applications needed for digital transformation and managed services.

When hedge funds partner with expert FinTech teams, these tools and services can greatly boost performance and efficiency while still mitigating risk effectively.

Challenges Facing the Hedge Funds Industry

  • Focus on Performance: For the hedge fund industry, the need to focus on performance is greater than ever. However, without the proper implementations and integrations, technology can prove to be a major distraction for hedge funds. As a result, hedge funds need to be more strategic about their back-end processes.
  • Shifting Regulations: More and more regulatory changes are putting pressure on hedge funds to adopt greater transparency. Likewise, hedge funds are facing growing risks. A high level of knowledge about regulatory change and infrastructure is needed to ensure that hedge funds are compliant.
  • Increased Need for Efficiency: As hedge funds work to improve both their performance and compliance models, it is critically important for them to find ways to do so cost-efficiently. Relying on several individual technology solutions can be extremely costly, emphasizing the need for a singular provider of such solutions.
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How CPQi’s Hedge Fund Technology Can Help

CPQi offers hedge funds a full range of technology and consulting services to ensure each of your digital needs is met. We leverage innovative technologies and combine them with our team’s financial expertise to provide top-notch services.

When you work with CPQi, you receive all the solutions you need, eliminating the need to seek out services from multiple providers. Our development teams work diligently to optimize your front, middle, and back-end offices.

Findur Managed Services

Experience Fully Managed Services with CPQi

Once implemented, digital services and solutions still require a hefty amount of management to keep them operating smoothly.

At CPQi, we have the tools and resources to manage your technology solutions for you.

Our services include:

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 Hedge Fund Consulting Services

At CPQi, we recognize how each hedge fund differs from the next. That’s why we offer comprehensive consultations services to assess your digital needs and determine a strategy that fits your goals.

During our initial consultation, we will examine which technology processes and digital resources you currently have in place. Additionally, our teams will analyze your legacy systems and determine how they can be integrated into new platforms.

Plus, our experts are here to not only advise you but to support you through the entirety of your digital transformation. From the customer experience to maintaining and updating your digital systems, we ensure you have the support you need.

Managed Services

Any hedge fund manager knows how much time can be spent employing investment strategies and communicating with investors. However, bringing in heaps of new technology can take your attention away from these essential tasks.

CPQi offers fully managed services to take the weight of technology management off the shoulders of you and your team. We provide ongoing support for development, testing, platform maintenance, and all other digital services.

When you employ CPQi’s managed services, you can rest easy knowing your platform, databases, and systems will always be up to date and operating smoothly.

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Salesforce for Banking

Platform Implementations

The digital platform you use matters. With the right platform, you can provide your investors and clients with seamless digital experiences that inspire trust and loyalty.

At CPQi, we work with many of the top financial platforms, including:

  • Calypso
  • Salesforce
  • Murex
  • Findur
  • ServiceNow
  • Finastra
  • Temenos
  • Moody’s CreditLens
  • Azure
  • AWS

Not only are we partnered with these platforms, but our team is highly experienced at providing reliable platform implementations. Plus, we work with your legacy systems to ensure your investors have consistent access to accounts and other information while a platform implementation is carried out.

Cloud Migrations

There are many benefits to migrating to the cloud. For starters, the cloud utilizes digital networks, systems, and databases that scale with your business. Compared to costly on-site equipment, the cloud offers far greater efficiency alongside scalability.

CPQi are cloud experts. We believe that cloud migrations are a core component of successful digital transformations.

Plus, CPQi offers the risk management capabilities needed to ensure your sensitive data is secure. In turn, your team can communicate and collaborate much more effectively thanks to the centralized nature of the cloud.

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is a huge weight on the shoulders of hedge funds. Keeping up with constantly changing regulations can be quite burdensome without proper risk and compliance models in place.

At CPQi, our teams are highly-trained financial experts who understand the many complexities of regulatory compliance. During your initial consultation, we will determine what compliance systems are already in place and where you need improvement.

From here, we help you to automate your systems to update automatically as new regulations arrive. Combined with our managed services, CPQi can handle all the stress of regulatory compliance for you.

Corporate treasury Technology

DevOps and Omnichannel

CPQi utilizes the DevOps methodology to provide hedge funds with greater digital efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

DevOps is a software development strategy that marries development and operations teams. By doing so, software development lifecycles can be reduced significantly, boosting the speed at which products and applications can be delivered to customers.

Collaboration is a crucial factor to success for hedge funds looking to embrace digitization. With DevOps, siloed departments are eliminated in favor of more cooperative and united teams. This gives hedge funds the more customer and investor-centric approach necessary for success in the digital age.

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Calypso Technology

Benefits of CPQi’s hedge fund technology include:

  • Boosted Operational Efficiency: CPQi focuses on boosting both your operational and cost-efficiency. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, CPQi can automate many of your essential processes. In turn, more of your team’s time can be spent focusing on performance and clients.
  • Accurate Risk Models: The demand for transparency when it comes to compliance will only continue to increase for hedge funds. With CPQi’s highly accurate and customized risk models, hedge funds can stay ahead of ever-evolving regulations. This results in an improved level of transparency for investors and regulators alike.
  • Strategy Optimization: With CPQi’s testing and implementation abilities, hedge funds can better monitor their strategies no matter what equity they are working with. We offer advanced data and analytics that allow more accurate predictions to be made.

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The digital evolution of financial and investment markets will only continue to expand and flourish. To remain competitive, hedge funds must be empowered by top-notch digital services and support. Contact CPQi to learn more about our custom solutions and technology!