So – you want to get a job in FinTech. You’ve already made the first crucial step towards success by choosing a field that is flush with many different types of jobs and positions.

FinTech is a growing industry with many opportunities for motivated and talented professionals. To gain a job in the field, there are 3 main steps to follow: further your education, find your specialization, and network with established professionals.

In this article, we will discuss each of these steps in greater detail to help you begin your journey towards building a career in FinTech. Keep reading to learn about what opportunities CPQi may have for you!

Focus on Furthering Your Education First

First and foremost, if you want a career in FinTech you need to learn as much about FinTech as possible.

FinTech – or financial technology – is a vast and global industry that is only continuing to expand. With over 10,000 FinTech startups in the Americas alone, there are many different specialized services and unique companies out there nowadays.

Keeping the size of the industry in mind, finding ways to grow your expertise on the topic is crucial. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Traditional Schooling: Earning a degree in a related field – such as finance, information technology, or computer sciences – is a great way to jumpstart your career in FinTech. However, there are many alternative avenues as well that are much less time-consuming and more affordable than a traditional college or university degree program.
  • Training Programs: Many colleges and institutions offer short-term training programs in FinTech to help interested professionals earn certifications in the field. Additionally, training programs can cover both a very wide and very narrow range of topics, allowing for both general education and more specialized training.
  • Online Courses: Though not always as hands-on as an in-person training program, online courses can serve as great introductions and educational tools for gaining the required skills to work in FinTech. These courses are especially good for learning how coding and programming – a highly coveted talent within FinTech.
  • Independent Study: If teaching yourself is more your style, you can always opt for a more independent study by reading books, articles, and research about FinTech. Though this may not give you professional credentials, such as a degree or certification, it will help you build a solid foundational knowledge of FinTech.

Find Your Ideal Specialization

Specializations in any job are important – but in FinTech, they are crucial.

Within FinTech, there are hundreds of different specialized occupations to choose between. The industry encompasses all sorts of professionals, from marketing and financial experts to developers and programmers. With such a diverse range of jobs to choose between, FinTech gives you a great selection when it comes to what area you want to focus on.

Here are 5 examples of popular specializations within FinTech:

  • Software Development: Software development is a major part of FinTech, as it allows for financial institutions to have custom-built platforms and applications to offer their customers.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are key enablers to many FinTech services, including automation and open banking – meaning AI experts are in high demand within the industry.
  • DevOps: A core belief within FinTech is the need to eliminate departmental siloes within financial institutions. DevOps teams work to unite development and operations teams to create a unified business structure capable of continuous deliveries of software, products, and other goods.
  • Cloud Computing: The cloud is a digital space that hosts many of the platforms and applications used within FinTech, making cloud computing experts key members of any FinTech team.
  • Data Analyst: FinTech companies deal with huge sums of data belonging to both themselves and to their partnered financial institutions. As such, data analysts are extremely necessary to help optimize the information collection and analysis process.

Network with FinTech Professionals

You’ve done your research, earned your educational credentials, and decided on a specialization – now, how do you find a job? Through networking, of course!

FinTech is a highly communicative and collaborative industry, meaning even top-level professionals will often be open to connecting with you and offering advice for where to apply or how to improve your professional development further.

A fantastic place to begin connecting with established FinTech pros is on LinkedIn, a social media platform designed for professional networking.

Final Thoughts: Find FinTech Opportunities with CPQi

If you live in the Americas and are looking for the perfect opportunity to begin a career in FinTech, connect with our team at CPQi today.

We have offices located in Canada, the United States, and Brazil, as well as many remote opportunities. As a growing company and leader in the FinTech space, we have a wide variety of open positions for you to apply for. By working for CPQi, you will enjoy many benefits including a highly empathetic and supportive workplace, as well as in-house training programs for your professional development.

To learn more, visit the CPQi careers page today.