The FinTech industry is growing at a rapid pace, with more and more talented individuals seeking careers in the field. A major advantage of working in FinTech is the ability to find remote work, prompting many professionals to search for FinTech jobs.

To find your ideal remote FinTech job in Canada, the key is to know what you are looking for in an employer and how to effectively approach interviews.

In this article, we will explore what you should look for when conducting your FinTech job hunt, as well as offering tips and techniques for a successful interview. Keep reading to learn more about CPQi’s own remote FinTech opportunities in Canada!

What to Look for in a FinTech Employer

When beginning your search for a remote FinTech job in Canada, it is important to outline your personal wants, needs, and professional objectives. By doing so, you will have a much easier time identifying whether or not a FinTech job or employer is right for you.

Four key factors to look for while conducting your FinTech work search include:

  • Remote-Friendliness: Most FinTech companies will have remote-friendly business models, as this allows them to pull from a larger pool of talent. However, each company will have a varying level of remote opportunities, so identifying their level of remote-friendliness is key.
  • Digital Collaboration: Working from home lacks the in-person connection that traditional office settings provide. As such, it is crucial to find an employer that emphasizes the importance of digital collaboration and keeping business teams connected virtually.
  • Supportive Management: Remote work environments come with their own set of digital hurdles from time to time. Finding a company with supportive management that is committed to empowering its teams through proper training, tools, and resources is essential.
  • Cross-Training: Finance and technology are both ever-evolving industries. As a result, FinTech professionals need a work setting that encourages and provides ongoing education and training in both fields.

Finding Remote FinTech Jobs in Canada

Once you have a clear idea of what you want out of an employer, it’s time to start hunting for actual jobs. The easiest way to search for work-from-home opportunities is to include the keyword “remote” in any job search you carry out.

However, there are more precise ways for finding remote FinTech jobs as well. Here are three ways to find your ideal position:

  • Search Specialized Job Boards: These days, there are tons of different job boards available to help professionals all over the globe connect with potential employers. Utilizing these job boards is a great place to start if you have minimal knowledge of the types of positions available or companies within FinTech.
  • Conduct Company Research: Rather than sifting through an endless pool of job postings online, conduct research on specific FinTech companies according to the specifications you want out of an employer. From here, you can search the career pages of your chose companies’ websites.
  • Reach Out to Companies Directly: Many FinTech companies are continuously hiring as their businesses scale with the growing popularity of the industry. Reaching out directly enables you to skip long application processes and instead speak directly with hiring managers about open positions and opportunities.

How to Successfully Approach Interviews

Finding FinTech companies with the right remote opportunities for you is only the first part of the equation. Once you have decided where to apply, the next step is to impress and intrigue employers during the interview stage of the hiring process.

To achieve a successful interview approach, consider the following three tips:

  • Reach Out with Personalized Messages: Reaching out to companies with a brief but personalized message lets them know what you are looking for and why you would like to join them. This is an excellent way to provide a short and sweet introduction to yourself before an interview takes place.
  • Diversify and Enhance Your Skills: There are all kinds of skills needed within FinTech. Taking the time to learn new skills and enhance existing ones through online courses and further education is a great way to gain a competitive edge.
  • Connect with Industry Professionals: The right connections can take you a long way. Reaching out to FinTech professionals for support and advice can be majorly helpful. For those without existing connections, networking with industry professionals will help you get a better feel for how to carry yourself in an interview and build professional relationships for the future.

Final Thoughts: Join the CPQi Team

Here at CPQi, we are always seeking new talent in the FinTech space. With several Canada-based offices, we offer both in-person and remote work opportunities, enabling our teams to choose the right environments for their needs.

Get in touch with us today to learn about our remote FinTech jobs in Canada, or visit our Careers page to learn more.