Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful data tool and platform. Power BI helps to make sense of essential data, and creates insightful data visualizations.

When businesses decide to implement or leverage Power BI, many choose to work with highl y experienced Power BI consultants.

In this article, we will cover what Power BI is and why businesses should consider working with a Power BI consulting firm. Plus, we will discuss 3 key services to look for when searching for the ideal Power BI consultant for your business.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a platform offered by Microsoft, it helps companies connect their business data and intelligence to create better data visualizations.

Features of Power BI include:

  • Self-Service: The Power BI platform is fully self-service, allowing businesses to use and customize the platform as they see fit. This feature enables businesses to reduce the cost and complexity associated with data visualization and analytics.
  • Smart Tools: Power BI offers hundreds of different data visualizations, Excel integrations, built-in AI capabilities, and pre-built and custom connectors. These tools allow businesses to find and share better data insights to produce stronger results.
  • Secure Data: With Power BI, businesses receive powerful data security capabilities that help ensure even the most sensitive data is kept safe. These capabilities include sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.

What is a Power BI Consulting Firm?

A Power BI consulting firm is a professional business specializing in Power BI consultations, implementations, integrations, and support.

Working with a Power BI consulting firm can be hugely advantageous for any business using the Power BI platform, as it ensures a high level of expertise and knowledge of the platform’s intricacies. Plus, with the immense customization options available through Power BI, working with a professional consultant helps businesses get the most out of the platform.

Additional benefits of partnering with Power BI consulting firms include:

  • Flexible Costs: With a Power BI consultant, your business has instant access to trained professionals — no costly onboarding or training processes required. Plus, you can use a consultant as needed without the fear of getting caught up in long-term employment or business contracts.
  • Higher Productivity: Working with a Power BI consulting firm frees up more of your in-house team’s time. Rather than having to focus on how to implement and integrate the Power BI platform, your team can focus on the important things, leading to a boost in overall productivity.
  • Greater Scalability: For a truly scalable Power BI platform, you need a team of experts that understand the core components of the platform and how to apply them for optimal use. By partnering with a Power BI consulting firm, you receive this expertise and scalability — along with so much more.
Power Bi Consultant

3 Key Services to Look for in a Power BI Consultant

When looking for the right Power BI consultant for your business, it is crucial to know what features or services to look for.

Here are the top 3 services to look for to find the perfect Power Bi consultant for your business:

1. Staff & Resource Augmentation

Staff and resource augmentation are services that provide businesses with the talented experts and digital resources they need to carry out a Power BI implementation.

Rather than having to scout, hire, and onboard these experts, staff augmentation provides your business with on-demand access to established consultants, developers, engineers, and more.

2. Managed Services & Ongoing Support

Once Power BI is implemented at your business, the work doesn’t stop there.

Finding a Power BI consultant that offers not only implementation but also managed services and ongoing support is key. This ensures your business always has access to expert knowledge and capable professionals who can find practical solutions to even the most complex digital problems.

3. Digital Development

As your business searches for the perfect Power BI partner, consider what your goals are with the platform. Look for a consultant that offers comprehensive digital development services, ensure they’re able to help you reach your goals with powerfully-built solutions made to address the specific needs of your business.

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Final Thoughts: Partner with CPQi for Comprehensive Power BI Services

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