Insurance Consulting and Technology

In a financial market that is becoming increasingly digital, insurance companies need solutions to help them prosper in the technological era. CPQi offers top-notch insurance consulting and technology to empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition and satisfy customer expectations.

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What is Insurance Consulting and Technology?

Insurance is an important part of every person’s life. As such, providers of insurance must work diligently to provide secure and fair insurance services to their clients. Insurance technology includes different software, platforms, and applications that optimize the entire process. From onboarding new clients to settling claims and properly addressing liability, insurance tech can help at all stages.

With the right FinTech consulting team, an insurance provider can gain great advantages, including:

  • Meaningful Data and Analytics: With insurance technology, your business will have greater access to customer data. This allows more exact predictions to be made and solutions to be offered.
  • Personalized Solutions: A major benefit of embracing FinTech solutions for insurance is the ability to offer much more personalized solutions to your customers. This not only boosts your customers’ satisfaction but their loyalty as well.
  • Trustworthy Risk Management: At the core of FinTech is an understanding of the many regulatory technicalities that come with managing digital risk. Insurance technology can help you to greatly mitigate such risk.

Benefits of CPQi’s Insurance Technology Solutions

Our teams at CPQi are highly experienced and eager to share their expertise. Our insurance technology solutions are designed to be thorough to help insurance providers gain the best experience possible.

Benefits of working with CPQi include:

  • Increased Digital Engagement: Designing platforms and applications to be not only user-friendly but enticing is key. Our insurance technology solutions help drive digital engagement and get your clients more involved.
  • Improved Customer Relations: CPQi focuses on helping companies adopt a more customer-centric approach. This, in turn, greatly boosts your relationships with both new and existing customers, building a more trusting and loyal network of clients.
  • Greater Efficiency: We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you automate many of your essential processes, data storing, and more. This frees up more of your time and allows your business to achieve greater operational efficiency.
  • Boosted Scalability: With our supportive services, your business will easily be able to scale up or down according to fluctuating market and customer demands.
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CPQi’s Services for Insurance Technology

At CPQi, we believe in the importance of providing services for every aspect of insurance technology.

From implementations and development to support and consultation, our teams have your back. CPQi offers services to ensure your success at every stage of your digital transformation.

Insurance Consulting and Technology

Digital Transformation

The entirety of the financial industry is feeling the push for digital products and services.

As consumers continue to increasingly seek out digital service providers, insurance companies need to stay ahead of the curve. To find success in this digital age, transforming outdated systems and updating internal processes is a must.

CPQi’s Digital Transformation services will first assess the devices, applications, platforms, and systems already in place. Then, we will determine a personalized solution that meets your company’s exact digital needs. This solution will take into account your primary goals as well as your budgetary resources.

No matter whether you have begun your digital transformation, CPQi can help you at all stages.

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Digital Transformation for Insurance

Platform Implementations

A primary component of CPQi’s method is to incorporate and implement the best platforms possible. We have many top platform partners to help each of our clients build the ideal system and network for their business.

Major platforms CPQi works with include Calypso, Salesforce, Murex, Findur, ServiceNow, and Moody’s CreditLens.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced, having carried out more than 25 platform implementations in the last 5 years. Top banks rely on CPQi’s implementations, with 8 of the world’s top 12 banks receiving such services from our teams.

Managed Services

Once you have implemented a platform, CPQi still has more to offer. Maintaining and managing a platform can be tricky, especially when software development is involved. CPQi offers fully managed services to keep your platform operating efficiently and smoothly.

Management of a platform on your own can quickly become overwhelming, detracting from the time you spend focused on your clients. By using our managed services, you and your team will have much more time to commit to innovation and improving the customer experience.

CPQi offers managed services that cover your systems back to front. This way, you can achieve optimal management under one central cost. Plus, we work to ensure our services are helping to reduce your own operational costs, as well as meet whatever business objectives you may have.

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Omnichannel Strategies for Insurance

Cloud Migrations

As your business scales up its digital resources and infrastructure, your operational costs can skyrocket. This leads many financial institutions and insurance providers to look into migrating to the cloud.

The cloud is a centralized digital location where data and sensitive financial information can be stored.

Being based in a virtual space brings with it a slew of risks that must be mitigated throughout the migration process. As a result, cloud migrations can be quite the task for businesses to take on on their own.

CPQi’s cloud migrations are completed by a team of professionals with a background in both finance and technology. This ensures that your critical data is secure and the proper tools and strategies are being used.

Regulatory Compliance

Following regulation is of the utmost importance for any business within the financial industry.

At CPQi, our teams are well-versed in compliance requirements and can help you to develop systems that keep regulatory compliance at the forefront. Rather than struggling to keep up with ever-evolving regulations, CPQi can assist you in building systems that update automatically, removing the stress and anxiety associated with compliance.

Our regulatory compliance services include full regulatory compliance consultations, the development of regulatory strategies and change implementations, and ongoing regulatory implementations and categorizations.

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DevOps for Insurance

DevOps strategies are core components that enable CPQi to offer continuous development and deliveries.

As your business grows, your customers will expect you to be able to keep up with the demand for new features, products, and applications. A DevOps strategy will enable development cycles to be reduced drastically.

DevOps reduces downtime by more than 5x and time to recovery is decreased by an average of more than 96x. An essential component of DevOps is that teams are working in the same timezone. CPQi operates across the Americas, our teams are always in the same timezone as our clients.

DevOps for Insurance

Support and Consultation

Our team at CPQi consists of more than just development and implementation teams. We offer our clients top-quality support and consultations to ensure that each of their business goals and needs is met.

Additionally, we make sure the systems we implement and develop are designed to help your business boost its productivity. Our digital infrastructures help to support your employees just as much as they are made to satisfy your customers.

Likewise, our consultations are thorough and examine the needs of both your business team and your customers. This allows us to create a customized solution designed for your business specifically.

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Insurance Technology

Omnichannel Solutions for Insurance

Effective omnichannel strategies and technologies are essential for businesses in today’s climate.

Omnichannel strategies will help to open your channels of communication and business. By doing so, customers and employees alike will be able to carry out essential tasks and activities via any channel. This type of strategy boosts the customer experience while also enabling better collaboration amongst business teams.

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