The FinTech industry is growing at an immense pace. Roughly 64 percent of all consumers worldwide have used one or more FinTech platform since 2019.

As the industry grows, so do the professional opportunities. FinTech provides the resources and experience for tremendous professional growth. For job seekers looking for a chance to work internationally, FinTech is a great place to look.

The industry is part of a global network rocking finance around the world. In this article, we will discuss how to get started in FinTech and pursue an international career. Keep reading to learn more about joining this global industry!

Getting Started in FinTech

Once you have chosen to pursue a career in FinTech, there are few factors to consider.

FinTech is a diverse field with many different specializations. Understanding the many different paths to take in this industry is key.

Here are three essential factors to consider when getting started in FinTech:

  • Research the Niches: Are you passionate about artificial intelligence? Do you think you would make a terrific DevOps engineer? There are many different niches within FinTech. From development to quality assurance, there is something for everyone.
  • Diversify Your Skills: As the name suggests, FinTech involves both finance and technology. Working in this industry will help you to develop a wider range of skills. These skills will also develop through the highly collaborative environment of FinTech.
  • Build a Network: Building a professional network is especially easy in FinTech. The industry is very collaborative and you will work on many projects. Through these experiences, you are bound to meet many professionals and mentors. Building this network will help you discover many new opportunities through your connections.

Finding a Good Company

Once you have an idea of which direction to go in FinTech, it’s time to look for the right company.

Many factors can impact your compatibility with a company. Understanding what you are looking for in a position and employer is crucial.

Here are three main factors that help determine the best companies to work for:

  • Location: The first step is choosing a company to apply to in a specific geographic area. FinTech has opportunities all over the world. This makes it convenient to choose your ideal location.
  • Opportunities: Research and ask what professional opportunities you will have at a company. Look for in-house training programs and upcoming projects you can lend your skills to.
  • Environment: When looking into a company, be sure to seek out a collaborative and supportive environment. FinTech relies on collaboration, so finding a company that reflects this in its values is key.
International FinTech Career

Graduate Programs

Pursuing a graduate program in FinTech can be an excellent way to help jumpstart your career.

Through a graduate program, your skills will be much more deeply honed. Plus, you will have a greater opportunity to focus on the niche that interests you most.

International graduate programs may be the perfect opportunity for those looking to relocate.

Graduate programs are great for boosting your professional experience. They are also a good way to achieve an international move at the start of your career.

Beginning an International FinTech Career

If you are interested in working in FinTech, you have likely heard about its many international opportunities.

It’s certainly true that pursuing an international career in FinTech is more than possible. The industry spans many countries and continents.

Before pursuing an international career, it is good to take some time to research potential locations. You want to find not just a good company, but also a culture and environment you will thrive in.

Studying abroad or traveling independently can be a great way to get to know different areas of the world. Plus, it will help you to narrow down which region of the world you want to work in.

Finding a Company that Works Internationally

When you begin to seek out international work, you will need to find companies in your desired location.

Applying to a company that is outside of your home country can be intimidating. However, FinTech companies are always looking for new and diverse talent!

Here are three essential tips for finding international employment:

  • Put Yourself Out There: Even if you’re certain you won’t get the job, you won’t know unless you try. FinTech is an industry that rewards taking risks. Take the first most important risk by putting yourself out there for job opportunities you discover.
  • Seek International Advancement: If you are okay with starting your career in your home country, find companies with international partners. As you advance in the company, you will be able to seek out positions in the location of your choosing.
  • Research Past International Opportunities: The best way to know what international opportunities you may find at a company is to research past ones. Look into international job opportunities and network with professionals overseas!

Look for Additional International Opportunities

If you are looking for international work in FinTech but do not have much experience, do not fret. There are still many chances for entry into the industry at an international level, including:

  • Internships: Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door with a company. Many FinTech companies will also open internships to applicants from many parts of the world.
  • Freelance or Contract Work: Completing freelance work and contract positions can be a terrific way to build a portfolio and network with international clients.
  • Work Abroad Programs: Many different programs help pair professionals with international employers. Finding a FinTech work abroad program can help you jumpstart an international career.
  • Translating: If you speak multiple languages fluently, working as a translator is a great way to make the initial international move. Plus, being bilingual is always a plus when working in FinTech!

Final Thoughts: Join the Global Industry of FinTech

There’s no better place to pursue an international career than in FinTech. The industry has quickly become a global network of finance and technology professionals.

When seeking an international FinTech position, keeping an open mind is key. There are many points of entry to the industry. Embracing a job that may initially be intimidating can expose you to all new FinTech perspectives.

Remember that the FinTech industry is always searching for new talent. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and impress employers!