What brought you to CPQi?

A prior colleague of mine who was and still is working at CPQi advised how great the company is as well as the strategy for growth and game changing initiatives in the fintech space. I was looking to work in a smaller organization to re-invent myself whilst leveraging past experiences. CPQi made the decision easy!

How has CPQi supported you through your professional journey?

Recognizing my key strengths and leveraging them where I can add value within the North American region. The journey thus far has amplified both my strengths and areas of opportunities to which I conscientiously work through to deliver a better me for the organization. The candid realtime feedback from those I work closely with, promotes my continuous improvement and goal setting so as to keep growing and add more value.

What project were you particularly proud of working on during your time with CPQi?

I have to say that the Manulife NAIC project made me proud. We mobilized a team quickly and understood the complex requirements to deliver with a high degree of confidence base on the group’s skills/experience. Despite working only a couple of weeks with CPQi during the NAIC project, we were able to establish client credibility and recognition at the executive level. All major milestones were delivered on time with a high degree of accuracy. We showed off our consulting capabilities and exceptional talent which differentiates us from the competition. It was unfortunate that the project was put on hold. A very proud time for me at CPQi.

Could you tell us about a time someone made you feel special at CPQi?

Receiving great motivational feedback from my line managers at the time, my recruitment team, and from clients is always special. More importantly, the outpouring of support and empathy from CPQi staff around the globe during my dad’s illness and inevitable passing will never be forgotten. The CPQi family made this horrible time in my life so much easier.

Have you made any everlasting friendships at CPQi?

Forever is a long time; however, I have found great friendships that have been a source of strength both personally and professionally. These friendships are cherished relationships that will extend beyond working at CPQi.

Why did you choose to work at CPQi?

Over 25 years in the Banking Industry had run its course. I was looking for the next high impacting revolution within the Financial world that I could apply my experience yet re-invent myself. I wanted to venture away from banks and become more involved in the Fintech space. Thus far, it has been one of the best decisions in my career.

What ambitions do you have for your future at CPQi?

Continue to grow within my new commercial role by being hungry, humble and smart. I want to build out my network within NAM, expand on current client relationships and be a recognized name to grow the business. A tall task that requires some runway to achieve, but I am up for it and its exciting!

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