1. What brought you to CPQi?

At the time, a great friend, who worked at CPQi, invited me to do an interview, because the company is focused in financial markets and he knew that I always liked the industry, he thought I may be a good match to join the company.

2. How has CPQi helped you in your professional career?

I like to think that I built myself professionaly at CPQi, so it has everything to do with all my growth. I have good stories with clients, many late nights, big implementations of great importance, and I had to deal with many situations where I represented CPQi in all the clients I’ve worked for. These responsibilities made me the accomplished professional I am today.

3. Has there ever once been a time when a person at CPQi made you feel special?

Not once, several times. Many people made me feel special, and still do. There would be so many names that it wouldn’t be fair to mention them at the risk of forgetting someone. In every client that I’ve been woeking in person for years, I’ve been reminded in some way and encouraged to keep going, and that always makes us feel special.

4. Have you made friends for life at CPQi?

Absolutely . I became friends with everyone I worked with, many who left CPQi remain my friends to this day. I even consider my direct superiors my friends.

5. Why did you choose to work at CPQi?

I often say that CPQi is the best of both worlds for me. I work with Technology and for the financial market. I am a big technology enthusiast and passionate about the financial market, I have studied for a long time, and being able to understand what systems do certainly made a lot of difference when choosing to work here.

6. Why do you like working at CPQi?

As I said before, CPQi is the best of both worlds, being always in touch with the financial market and seeing what happens in the big investment banksas well as working with IT is very rewarding for me. Not to mention the people I work with, who also are a great motive to want to come work everyday for together we make a great team.

7. What ambitions do you have for your future at CPQi?

I want to continue growing, doing the best I can and being apart of CPQi´s history. I believe that there is still a lot to come, and I want to be present in these moments of the company´s progress, I want my name to be there in the historical archives of CPQi.

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