Hi Renato, thank you for joining us today to let us know more about your CPQi experience. So, to start off with, what brought you to CPQi?

I first joined CPQi at the end of 2013 through LinkedIn. I was on vacation when I got the call and the experience has been amazing ever since.

To start with, I spoke with HR and was quickly given the opportunity to speak with the leadership team as well. They showed me the large-scale projects and exciting challenges I would face in both my career and my person life, I was extremely excited to join by the end of the interview process.

Since then, we have worked on at least 7 projects across Brazil and Chile. I have achieved incredible goals including implementing new systems, improving global processes and launching banking operations into the Brazilian market.

I continue to apply the principles of hungry, humble and smart in all my work.

We hear congrats are in order, you’ve been working at CPQi for 8 years! How have CPQi supported you through your professional journey?

CPQi has been a great place to work at and be a part of. People are always be available to hear and help you as a partner both at work and in life.

CPQi always placed people first and it was no different with me. They support me in improving my skills year on year, ensuring I always find the best resolutions to problems and conflicts within projects and helping me create smart new solutions.

What project are you particularly proud of working on during your time with CPQi?

I have name more than one, but there’s one project in particular that meant a great deal to me both professionally and personally. About a year and a half after I joined CPQi, in 2015, I received an invite to join the Santiago, Chile team on an important project.

For three months, our team had been working to implement a rule into a Calypso system called Volcker Rule, the purpose of this rule was to protect bank customers by preventing banks from making certain types of speculative investments. (On June 25, 2020, FDIC officials said the agency will loosen the restrictions of the Volcker Rule, allowing banks to make large investments more easily into venture capital and similar funds.)

During that period, I had the opportunity to produce and present a Calypso training program as a business perspective to help the IT team navigate each screen of the system more efficiently.

That was an amazing journey arrive in a new country, know a new culture, work together them and  learn to speak Spanish in a real life.

Could you tell us about a time someone made you feel special at CPQi

I can definitely recall a meaningful moment that showed how well I have been treated and how special I feel at CPQi.

In 2016, I had a health problem and had to have surgery. At the beginning of my long recovery process, I needed to take time off as I couldn’t get around on my own.

The CPQi leadership team gave me all the support and encouragement I needed in all aspects of my life. They helped get me back to a healthy state and when I was able to work again, helped me set up a home office so I could recover for an even longer period.

I will always be grateful for that.

Have you made friends who will last forever at CPQi?

Yes, absolutely. The climate at CPQi is great for creating and nurturing relationships.

There are many special people to me, some still working at CPQi, others who are no longer with us. However, ultimately, this is a great place to build strong friendships and share inspiring moments with others.

Why did you choose to work at CPQi?

I realized during the interview process that the opportunities CPQi could offer me were exceptional. I sought out feedback from current employees and looked for which challenges the team faced during their projects

I remember one of the main things was that my team leader spoke about the international opportunities he had enjoyed at CPQi. Working internationally was something I really wanted to experience, and as I mentioned previously, that was fulfilled when I worked in Chile. I’ve also worked on remote projects for customers in Canada.

Why do you like working at CPQi?

I love the constant opportunities that are afforded to me and the ability to share everything with my amazing co-workers. I also love all the chances I get to share financial market knowledge with our high-level team and market partners.

I love the constant transformation that the company seeks and how we are always evolving.

We have a friendly and respectful environment which helps me and the delivery team produce better work and reach our goals in new and exciting ways.

CPQi has provided me with a lot of great experiences, it’s felt like my home for the past eight years.

Tell us about the best day you ever had at CPQi

To choose a single day over the last eight years is definitely a difficult mission. It´s a trip back in time of everything I’ve loved doing.

I remember one day, I received an invite from our CTO, Giovano, to be part of the team that would meet some new people from a potential client in Argentina. We had an amazing night sharing our experiences of the project, financial markets in general and built lasting relationships.

They are now our customers and we have a successful partnership with them in Buenos Aires.

What ambitions do you have for your future at CPQi?

I want to continue helping the company find and deliver value to our customers. I also want to keep sharing knowledge and experiencing inspiring moments with my co-workers.

Currently, I am working on an awesome project where we are launching a banking system within the Brazilian market, one of my goals is to continue contributing on this.

There have been many exciting challenges, and that’s encouraged our team to make a lot of progress.

I am currently investing a lot of my time in improve my skills in agile methodologies.

In the last few last months, I have been contributing towards a Canadian project, learning more about the business, people and cultures there, and opening myself up to new perspectives and experiences both in my personal and professional life.

My main ambition today is definitely to prepare myself to become qualified enough to contribute to even more projects in Canada.