What brought you to CPQi?

The challenge of a new position in my career.

How has CPQi helped you in your professional career?

Without a doubt it’s the opportunities that I have been given as well as the possibility of interacting with the clients.

Which project are you particularly proud to work on during your time with CPQi?

I had the opportunity to work at the largest investment bank in Latin America, in the BROKERAGE squad, and without a doubt it has been the greatest learning experience of my career.

Can you tell us about a time when someone at CPQi made you feel special?

I talked to Guilherme, my direct line manager, about the lack of concentration and difficulties I was going through and that I felt that it was affecting my work. I felt as if I was regressing instead of progressing professionally and he told me to seek professional help as he had already gone through something similar. I went after it, and it really made all the difference. He was able to empathize and put himself in my shoes, and that really made a difference.

Why do you like working at CPQi?

It’s different from other consultancy firms. I really like the internal certifications and the way that CPQi fosters an environment of constant learning. I would recommend it to all my friends.

What ambitions do you have in your future at CPQi?

I would say work and study since this year I’m going to start my training on cloud services.  I intend to study and evolve in my current position. At the moment I am taking it one step at a time to further on take a bigger role.

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