Incorporating cloud technology into your business will bring more stability and flexibility to your current business models, and one great way to leverage the cloud is by implementing Salesforce. At CPQi, we help our clients get the most out of Salesforce by proposing, designing, developing and implementing effective Salesforce solutions, helping our clients stay connected and competitive.

We provide Salesforce configuration, customization, and consulting to our clients, boosting productivity and ensuring our clients have the right structures in place for growth. Itau saw the benefits of replacing their standalone application with a cloud-based integrated system, and knew CPQi were the right team to help them redesign their HR Backoffice around Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce, we were able to provide a unified implementation.

How we did it

To achieve a seamless Salesforce implementation, we used an Agile approach and utilized Squads, Sprints and Kanban’s for support. We modelled a plan and focused strongly on the deliveries that would prove most valuable, planning development around those deliverables. From there, the team used Agile methodologies to perform sprints that would consistently deliver valuable new functionalities to our client. Towards the end of the project, we deployed custom code and personalized configurations in line with the golden path outlined by Salesforce: Developer Sandbox – Integrated Tests Org – UAT Org – Production Org.

The specific approach we used was based on three main components. The first is that the Salesforce Community Cloud solution would be a hugely successful project, since our client incorporated a wide range of processes, and would heavily benefit from the internal profiles and permission settings.

Secondly, the systems we were working with carried incredibly sensitive data. We therefore developed an independent cryptographed system into the community, to ensure it stayed protected at all times.

Thirdly, we could use Salesforce databases to store internal data, this further level of encryption would help avoid leaks, creating a completely safe environment.

The multiple layers of protection kept our Salesforce implementation fully secure. By using the most advanced levels of encryption, internal engineering teams are able to develop and support Salesforce without the ability to see any data.


We provided Itau with a separated community cloud, which only users with appropriate access levels were able to use. We also integrated the Salesforce database with internal API’s, helping Itau effectively process their data. By using Salesforce Flows, Components, Triggers and Apex code, Itau have the best support system in place for their needs.

Their internal processes are now highly secure, and they have the capacity to deploy new community clouds if the need arises. Itau now use scalable cloud-based architecture, that will grow as fast as they do.