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Partner with an experienced team that understands the complexity of your business.

Expertly Trained Staff in Java and .NET Builds

One of the challenges for factory software builds is finding a company whose staff understand the complexities of what they are building.

  • Work with a team that genuinely understands your business and industry.
  • Enhance competitiveness and improve platform utilization with customised, personalised builds created by industry specific developers. 

Java and .NET Builds | Teams That Understand Banking

If you need to explain every derivative to your provider’s technical staff before you can get a decent delivery, then it can greatly impact the value you get from your project.

  • ALL of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification. This means that you will never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery that cannot explain the cashflows of a total return swap!

Nearshore Offices

CPQi trains all our staff in both technology AND banking, many of whom work out of our nearshore delivery centre in Fortaleza, Brazil.

  • Split-site offices ensure we can build cost-effective high level programming without sacrificing budget or resource constraints.

  • With offices across the Americas, you’ll always have a team that works on your time zone.

Integrations That Work

Our team of developers will ensure that your systems integrate perfectly, giving you control of your business’ workflow.

  • Ensure your business runs smoothly with end-to-end integration, bringing your chosen platform into your workflow with ease.

  • Whether you’re looking for developers who can manage your entire project, or someone to come in and integrate your systems, our flexible cost breakdowns will be able to adjust to your needs.

Java and .NET Builds | Encourage Growth

We develop with purpose, ensuring any work done encourages and enhances growth opportunties.

  • Our business was created by banking specialists, so we understand the importance of focused, purposeful development.

  • Our partnership with over 6 platform providers ensures we have the best tools available to encourage the growth of your business.

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