As part of a global bank, Rabobank Brazil were required to implement Kondor+ for their front office. The initial deployment was done in-house using expertise from the Rabobank centre of excellence in London. However further phases were required that needed to be cost effective, have local language support and provide maintenance on a continual basis for this platform. CPQi were therefore invited to participate in the build and run work.


Using a multi-national team based in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and London, Rabobank engaged with CPQi to provide local development and support for the system. A highly secure IP-VPN solution was put into place between Rabobank and CPQi in Fortaleza to further reduce the costs of support using our near-shore model. Development was carried out using requirements from London or Sao Paulo with much of the development and testing effort performed at CPQi’s Fortaleza centre.


Within a few short weeks of contract signing CPQi were in full management of the already deployed platform providing support and enhancement services from Fortaleza. This lower cost service over a secure network enabled Rabobank to free additional budget for further product development

An on-going development partnership has been created whereby new products and functionality are added in phases using a split site team. The result has been a highly functional system with an excellent split site team dynamic, faster revenue growth for the client and a reduced cost base.


Using the CPQi centre of excellence for Kondor+ and our near shore model, Rabobank have enjoyed a lower cost, highly skilled support relationship for their main Brazilian front office platform. The continued development partnership has further enabled Rabobank to trade a wider range of assets in Brazil within a manageable risk framework and at a lower cost than on-site development would have been able to achieve.