CPQi hack our way to connectivity in isolation

Last week, the CPQi team had a Lockdown Hackathon. The Lockdown Hackathon had teams of 5 developing a DevOps solution and distributing work, culminating in 15-minute presentations from each team. It offered a great way to provide some much-needed entertainment to our employees, and the general public during these difficult times. The Hackathon involved both CPQi team members from across the Americas and our friends and family and lasted 24 hours on the weekend of 18th April. There were a range of mini-challenges throughout and lots of interaction in conference tools and social networks. This Hackathon was centered around DevOps and CPQi Transformational Managed Services Delivery Method.

“We are delighted to be able to provide a fun way for people to challenge themselves, develop important skills and collaborate at such a vital time,” says Carlo Giovano, Global Chief Operating Officer at CPQi, “so far, our team have enjoyed projects that involve them working together towards a common goal, and we believe this will provide a fantastic opportunity to lift their spirits and keep them connected with each other. It has been hard to deal with isolation, but at CPQi we’ve been doing what we can to keep in touch with one another. Running a Hackathon with teams working digitally from their home offices across 5 different countries shows CPQi’s alignment with the DevOps and Digital model.”


We had four teams rank in the top 3, with two teams tied at #3. Congratulations to the following teams:


  • Henrique Neto
  • Paulo Franklim dos Santos de Carvalho
  • Lucas dos Reis Freire
  • Carlos Cardozo


  • Reyson Barros do Nascimento
  • Antonyo Douglas Lima Nunes
  • Paulo Henrique Nobre
  • Adonias Lemos da Silva


  • Rafael de Oliveira da Conceição
  • Rafael Ruggeri Patreze
  • Henrique Guedes Bezerra
  • Luis Henrique Malandrim


  • Geison Mermejo
  • Bruno Virgilio da Silva
  • Paulo Sator Sato
  • Bruno Gaudio


About CPQi

With a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps and cloud migration, we provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial markets systems for leading American economies.