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As technology and digital services continue to scale upwards in both demand and intricacy, more financial institutions are looking for long-term assistance in managing their technological resources. CPQi offers specialized end-to-end managed services for major platforms and a wide range of projects. With the help of our expert teams, your institution can embrace the rapid pace of innovation.

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Investing in Managed Services is Paramount for Future Success

Staying ahead of your competition in the financial industry only continues to become more difficult. There are many reasons why a financial institution may consider investing in managed services from a top-notch FinTech provider. These include:

  • Fluctuating Markets: An increased need to meet the needs of the volatile and unpredictable macroeconomic landscape puts a much greater burden on the shoulders of any finance team.
  • Changes to Compliance: Rapidly evolving regulatory changes intensify the capital requirements financial institutions must adhere to in order to stay in good standing both economically and legally.
  • Shifting Client Demands: Keeping up with new expectations from clients is a hefty workload on its own. Without the help of managed services, balancing customer satisfaction with operational excellence can be tricky.

What are CPQi’s Managed Services?

Here at CPQi, we offer a full range of managed services to help you keep your front, middle, and back offices operating properly and efficiently.

We work with cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to ensure our clients are provided with services that are reliable, cost-reducing, and secure.

Our managed services are enabled by:

  • DevOps: A software development strategy that unites development and operations teams. With DevOps, you can develop and deliver software, products, and applications to your clients at much greater speed.
  • Omnichannel: Clear communication is critical for digital success. The omnichannel approach ensures your services are available to customers through all channels of communication, while also helping to break down internal departmental barriers.
  • Predictive Technology: Regulatory change and market fluctuations are happening at a faster pace than ever before. By leveraging artificial intelligence, CPQi utilizes predictive technology to help keep both ourselves and our clients ahead of the curve.
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Get the Most Out of Your Platforms with CPQi

CPQi offers all the services you need to get the most out of your platform.

What’s more, we work with many of the top financial platforms currently available. Our expert implementation teams have years of experience working with platforms such as Calypso, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and AWS.

Our platform managed services include:

  • Configuration Management: Maintaining your systems, servers, and software can be a monumental task. CPQi offers full configuration management to ease the burden of such complexities.
  • Customization: CPQi works with customizable platforms that can be built according to your specific business needs, objectives, and requirements. This customization is backed by our advanced technology and resources.
  • Production Services: When you work with CPQi, you gain access to our specialized development teams. From applications to products, we help you to enhance each step in the production process.

Our teams understand that no two financial institutions are built the same. Each new project we take on receives the same level of attentiveness and care as the one before it.

We offer customized solutions that are designed with the specific needs of your business in mind. From overarching objectives to regulatory requirements, our solutions are built to address your exact digital needs and budget.

Wealth Management Technology

CPQi Provides Seamless Integrations

We provide your institution with seamless integrations to give your team a streamlined workflow.

When we begin any new project with a client, our first step is to assess which legacy systems and applications you already have in place. Our teams then work to build a platform that integrates this existing technology, all while keeping your network operational.

CPQi helps to transform your systems to perform at their full potential. With our integration services, your team is given the added support of tools and resources that enable further innovation.

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Salesforce Managed Services

Gain the Cloud Advantage

Traditional financial systems relied on costly on-site equipment and technology. Not only could these systems drain an institution’s budget, but they also required regular servicing and huge updates. Today, many financial institutions have embraced innovative computing methods and migrated to the cloud. At CPQi, we work with cloud-based platforms that help your business scale when it needs to while maintaining a constantly high level of functionality. Benefits of migrating to the cloud include:

  • Improved Flexibility: Outdated financial systems focused on rigidity and strict digital protocol. While protocol is still of the utmost importance, the cloud gives institutions a much broader range of flexibility thanks to the automation of many back-end processes and risk management.
  • Greater Innovation: With the support of CPQi’s cloud migration and management services, more of your team’s time can be spent focused on professional creativity, innovation, and the needs of your clientele.
  • Increased Accessibility: The cloud provides the advantage of having a centralized network and system that is entirely virtual. Through a cloud migration, your team will gain remote access to all the important data and information they need from anywhere at any time.

Use a Managed Service Provider You Can Trust

As one of our core solutions, our managed services offerings are designed to provide your financial institution with ongoing support and innovation.

CPQi’s managed services include capabilities such as:

  • Configuration Management
  • Customizable Software and Application Builds
  • Production Services
  • Platform Management

Plus, partnering with CPQi and embracing our managed services means your institution benefits from the expertise of compliance teams who understand the complexities of regulatory change.

Calypso Platform

Platform Changes

As part of our platform services, we offer long-term contracts for platform production management, change, and support.

Additionally, CPQi is partnered with many of the top financial platforms currently available, including:

  • Calypso
  • Salesforce
  • Murex
  • ServiceNow
  • Finastra
  • Temenos
  • Moody’s CreditLens
  • Azure
  • AWS

Our international team of experts consists of highly experienced business analysts and technical consultants to ensure your platform projects meet their full potential.

Paired with our managed services, our platform change solutions handle every aspect of the process – from implementation to integrations.

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Don’t let digital transformation become a hassle for your institution. With CPQi’s managed services, our expert team can handle all the complex aspects of your technological needs. Contact us today to learn more about our end-to-end managed services!