Moody’s CreditLens Managed Services

CPQi offers expert managed services for Moody’s CreditLens platform in order to optimize our clients’ efficiency and productivity. By working with CPQi, you will have access to our team’s expansive knowledge and research that ensure your platform implementations are carried out smoothly and are customized to your specific needs.

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What is Moody’s CreditLens?

In today’s increasingly digital world, having the ability to leverage technologies and resources in order to better serve your customers is an absolute must.

Moody’s CreditLens is a platform designed to aid banks or other financial institutions in improving the efficiency and speed of commercial lending decisions. CreditLens uses advanced and innovative technologies in order to provide necessary and forward-thinking analytics that allow clients to significantly increase the overall profitability of their business.

By embracing our managed services for Moody’s CreditLens, your financial institution can begin benefitting from optimized workflows that will help to ensure your team’s time is being used to its utmost potential.

CreditLens Capabilities

CreditLens offers a wide range of capabilities to ensure your lending decisions are not only happening at a faster rate, but also that they are well-informed and backed by thorough analysis.

Capabilities of CreditLens include:

  • Financial analysis that produces dual risk rating models
  • Rating models configured for your specific internal credit policies
  • Intuitive dashboards and user interfaces
  • Single, workflow-enabled platform
  • Risk grading capabilities enhanced by machine learning
  • Tools designed for industry compliance
  • Automation of time-consuming activities and tasks
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Benefits of Using the CreditLens Platform

CreditLens is designed as a platform to provide its users with the best solutions to optimize their workflows. Enriching your lending decision processes through the use of the technology, resources, and tools of CreditLens has to offer is the primary goal of CPQi’s managed services.

With the support of the CreditLens platform, financial and banking professionals can experience a wide array of benefits, some of which are detailed below.

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Enhanced Risk Assessment

Carrying out thorough risk assessments is an essential component of the lending process. Moving your IT operations to an entirely virtual and digitally-based system comes with an increase in potential risks, thanks to malware and other potentially dangerous and malicious software.

The key is to have the tools and risk models available to be well-equipped to foresee this risk and be proactive in your preventative measures. CreditLens enables users to conduct multiple risk entity, relationship, and hierarchy modeling, as well as providing access to financial analysis tools that produce dual risk rating models.

CreditLens enhances your business’ ability to analyze and assess risk in a streamlined and more optimized fashion.

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Minimization of Errors

Through the use of automated processes and predictive technology, errors can be managed at a much more effective level. CreditLens helps financial institutions leverage their business rules in order to not only minimize risk, but also improve and increase overall data accuracy as well.

Artificial intelligence (AI) use by CPQi and CreditLens presents our clients with a unique opportunity to drastically reduce the human error in their lending decisions and ultimately create a greater sense of fairness and inclusivity in their decision making.

Greater Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Working with advanced technologies requires a heavy amount of IT expertise. Without the use of the CreditLens platform and its solutions, achieving the same goals can be both time-consuming and costly. By embracing innovations – such as automation through the use of AI – your business can reduce the overhead costs associated with these kind of technologies.

As for productivity rates, having access to a platform that can automate important processes, such as risk assessment, ultimately frees up more of your team’s time that can then be spent ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

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Increased Scalability

When working with digital platforms such as CreditLens, you are given the ability to scale your operations according to current consumer demands.

In fluctuating financial markets, this is especially useful to keep your business from accruing extra expenses associated with higher demand.

How CPQi’s CreditLens Managed Services Work

Platforms like CreditLens use advanced technologies and innovative processes in order to optimize a business’ lending system. Working with these technologies can involve a fair amount of complexity and understanding of digital infrastructures, and CPQi has both the expertise and resources to help your business accomplish a successful implementation.

Our managed services for CreditLens cover all your bases through the use of digital solutions and software that is designed to further your business’ digital success and overall value.

Our strategies for creating the optimal managed services solution involve several technologies and strategies, including:

  • Cloud Computing: The CreditLens platform operates via cloud computing, which involves the digital delivery of IT resources such as servers and data storage. CPQi works closely with the cloud and our team understands the intricacies of cloud migration.
  • DevOps and Continuous Development: In any financial sector, having high-quality speed of delivery is important. At CPQi, we employ a DevOps method for continuous development to ensure your software deliveries are fast-paced and up to par.
  • Predictive AI and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning are becoming crucial components of all kinds of business models and IT strategies. AI is, in fact, at the core of the ability to automate processes and analyze risk in a much more efficient manner.
  • Digital Transformation: For businesses who have not yet embraced digitization, CPQi has the resources to help with digital transformation. We work with you to decide which technologies and methods are best suited for you and your team.
  • Regulatory Change and Compliance: The financial sector has strict regulations and requirements for institutions to meet. We are equipped with the knowledge to ensure your digital systems align with all current regulatory standards and remain in proper compliance.
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Platform Implementations Designed for You

Implementing a platform or new solution is not always an easy process, especially when it comes to ensuring all components and aspects are adjusted to meet your business’ specific needs.

At CPQi, we are committed to helping you plan and implement platform migrations or solutions that are designed for your business.

Our managed services team for CreditLens examine every aspect of how the platform and its technology and solutions can impact and aid your business, as well as looking out for potential oversights or additional considerations that may otherwise be missed.


Secure Cloud Migrations

Migrating to the cloud can be somewhat extensive when it comes to financial institutions, as the information and data being shared can be especially sensitive or even confidential. At CPQi, our team is well versed in the intricacies and technicalities of the cloud, ensuring that your migration runs smoothly and quickly.

Additionally, a migration to the cloud allows for you and your staff to access information securely from any place at any time. This, in turn, can help to reduce administrative and operational costs associated with operating from a physical space – instead, employees can work remotely and without the need for costly on-site IT equipment.

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Moody's CreditLens Managed Services

Customizations to Fit Your Needs

When working with CreditLens, it is critically important to have platform and related solutions be customizable for your business’ specific needs. Our team at CPQi are experienced with the CreditLens platform and have the capabilities to provide these kinds of customizations to help you create optimal workflows and processes that fit the technological and financial needs of your business.

Plus, our customizations help make the platform easy to interact with for both your customers and your staff, ensuring any new technologies and processes can be easily employed.

Digital Development

At CPQi, we have skilled digital developers at our disposal for you to employ in your desired customizations or builds. Our developers can, moreover, help to identify what exact solutions will best solve your business’ dilemmas in order to reach your professional goals.

CPQi offers digital development that can help to:

  • Provide responsive interfaces
  • Offer better opportunity for scalability and growth
  • Work with complex programming languages
  • Optimize communication between front-end and back-end processes

Digital development is essential for keeping your business up to date on the latest software and technology advancements in order to provide the highest value to your customers. Plus, digital development can help to improve your platform’s ease of use and empower your staff to feel confident working with the platform’s technology.

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Expert Consultations and Support

One of the biggest advantages that we provide for our clients is offering a team of experts certified not only in IT and technology, but in finance as well. In the consultation phase of a project, our experts can map out the necessary digital strategies and tools while also identifying potential risks or areas of non-compliance.

Our team at CPQi works not only to provide the most thorough and thought-out consultations, but also to provide on-going and round-the-clock support to ensure any problems encountered are dealt with quickly.

The CPQi support team’s mission is to support and empower not only your staff, but your customers as well. Your customer base is ultimately one of the most important parts of your business, and we at CPQi make sure you have the resources to provide them with the best service possible.

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If you are ready to take your business and lending decisions to the next level, contact CPQi today to learn more about our customizable solutions and platform implementations.